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Certified career analyst is the best online career counselling certification course available in India. This program is designed for passionate individuals who want to become career counsellors. 

Teaching methodology, Advance curriculum and handholding are the 3 main pillars of the program.

Since 2008 it is considered an Industry benchmark. As many individuals are from the non-psychology background, career counselling course will start with a basic understanding of psychometric theories and ends with a deep understanding of the latest career counselling concepts and career analysis

The course will be delivered by highly experienced career mentors who are considered as one the best trainers in the industry. This course is the perfect blend of online live learning and offline learning. Post completion of the career counsellor course, every participant can appear in the career counsellor certification exam. Post clearing of the exam every participant will be awarded reputed certified career analyst certification.

This certification is a highly accredited and recognized certificate in Industry. According to google certified career analyst is the highest-rated certificate in India (refer to google reviews and rating). Certified career analyst is the only certificate in India recognized by BCPA (Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association) and ACCPH –UK (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists)

  • 10 Modules, Most Comprehensive Curriculum. Combination of Conceptual and Practical Knowledge of applied career counselling skills
  • Live Zoom Session + Career videos + Self-Paced Content
  • 20+ hours of intensive and practical training for gaining Professional Expertise
  • Conceptual and Practical understanding through real case studies, counselling procedures and counselling delivery
  • Assignments and Hand-holding Sessions
  • Hassle Free online and live training sessions
  • Course Completion Certificate after training completion
  • CCA Professional Certification after the online exam
  • Lifetime Access to new and updated learning materials online for upskilling
  • Telephonic Support for solving your queries




Module 1: Introduction to Career Counselling and Psychometric Theories

  • Introduction to Career Counselling Industry
  • Career Counselling Process
  • Psychometric Theories Used in Career Counselling Globally

Module 2: Career Analysis Based on Psychometric Theories

  • Career Personality Analysis
  • Career Interest Analysis
  • Career Motivators Analysis
  • Learning Style Analysis
  • Emotional Quotient Analysis

Module 3: One Dimensional Career Analysis

  • One-Dimensional Career Analysis Methodology
  • Career Path Selection Based On One Dimensional Analysis
  • Case Studies

Module 4: Multiple Dimensional Career Analysis 

  • Core Methodology for Multiple Dimensions Career Analysis
  • Most Suitable Career Path Identification
  • Career Scenarios
  • Career Clusters and Career Paths Analysis
  • Case Studies and Exercises

Module 5: Pre Counselling Structure and Insights 

  • Pre-Counselling Template
  • Pre-Counselling Process Flow
  • Pre-Counselling Information Analysis

Module 6: Career Counselling and Report Interpretations

  • Core Methodology for Multiple Dimensions Career Analysis
  • Career Counselling Template
  • Career Counselling Process Flow
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 5th Class Student
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 8th To 10th Class Students
  • Career Analysis and Career Counselling for 11th And 12th Class Students
  • Career Counselling for Graduates
  • Career Counselling for Professionals
  • Subject Selector Analysis

Module 7: Career Library and New Age Career Paths

  • One-Dimensional Career Analysis Methodology
  • Career Path Selection Based On One Dimensional Analysis
  • Case Studies

Module 8: Colleges Selection

  • Understanding College Selection Criteria
  • How to Find Out Suitable College for The Student
  • How to Prepare Admission Plan and Career Roadmap for The Candidate

Module 9: Career Counselling Process Flow

  • Step by Step Flow of Actual Career Counselling
  • Career Analysis Template
  • Do's and Don't
  • Case Studies of Actual Career Counselling

Module 10: Conflict Management and Expectations

  • Understanding The Expectations and Problem Statement
  • Conflict Management Related to Career Selection
  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Case Studies

* Only career counsellor course in India recognized by BCPA ( Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association)

Programme Fee

Rs 13500/-

Programme Duration

3 Weeks

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