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Program Curriculum

  • Comparing Security Roles and Security Controls
  • Explaining Threat Actors and Threat Intelligence
  • Performing Security Assessments
  • Identifying Social Engineering and Malware
  • Summarizing Basic Cryptographic Concepts
  • Implementing Public Key Infrastructure
  • Implementing Authentication Controls
  • Implementing Identity and Account Management Controls
  • Implementing Secure Network Designs
  • Implementing Network Security Appliances
  • Implementing Secure Network Protocols
  • Implementing Host Security Solutions
  • Implementing Secure Mobile Solutions
  • Summarizing Secure Application Concepts
  • Implementing Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Explaining Data Privacy and Protection Concepts
  • Performing Incident Response
  • Explaining Digital Forensics
  • Summarizing Risk Management Concepts Program Curriculum 
  • Implementing Cybersecurity Resilience
  • Explaining Physical Security
  • Analyzing Security Monitoring Data
  • Collecting and Querying Security Monitoring Data
  • Utilizing Digital Forensics and Indicator Analysis Techniques
  • Applying Incident Response Procedures
  • Applying Risk Mitigation and Security Frameworks
  • Performing Vulnerability Management
  • Applying Security Solutions for Infrastructure Management
  • Understanding Data Privacy and Protection
  • Applying Security Solutions for Software Assurance
  • Applying Security Solutions for Cloud and Automation


Program will have 4 major sections which are described below:

Goal Setting Session

  • Goal setting with career mentor (30 mins * 2)
  • Access to Student Mentorship Program
  • Premium videos to watch on career growth and other critical skills (creative thinking etc.)
  • Access to MentorKart's Mentorship Program
  • Learning Integrity and Self Awareness
  • Learn to Build your Financial Stability
  • Learn about Self Branding
  • Learn to Increase your Creativity and Creative thinking

Straight to Skills

  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Chat with Course mentor
  • Dtawk (Group Chat) to raise query and get answer from different mentors

Candidate Screening

  • Sessions with selected Industry
  • Mentors Interview Preparation
  • Conducting Mock Interview

Way to Red Carpet – Getting Hired

  • Premium Job Referrals
  • Access to Job Portal
  • Hiring Support (We will not leave you until you are placed)


Eligibility Criteria

  • Any Graduate, Final Year Student
  • Working Professional Upto 3Yrs of Exp

Program Features 

Live Class : Let’s admit this, recorded session are boring and monotonous. Bringing all new experience of Live Classes with doubt clearing sessions.

Guest Lecture : Listening from Industry Stalwarts is always insightful. Bringing this culture in more intensive way, different industry leader is going to guide you.

Case Studies : Want to test your understanding?? Try some cool Case Studies. Hell Ya!! It’s exciting and here at MentorKart it is rewarding too.

Projects : Create your proof of work with allocated projects and lure recruiter. Good projects are the testimony that you have understood the learning track very well.


Pay Rs. 10000 as One time admission fee and rest Rs. 72000 after you get placed.


- Avail 50% discont on One-Time Admission Fee, if you take admission on or before 1st Dec 2022

- Payment once done is not refundable. You can watch previous recording to get to know about mentor and course delivery.

Programme Fee

Rs 10000/-

Programme Duration

3-6 Months

Programme Type


Job Placement




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