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20 Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience

Workplace culture
20 Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience


Workplace culture and employee experience are the two crucial factors that influence any organization's growth. Although COVID 19 has changed the trend of 9 to 5 sitting at a cubicle to a flexible working hour, sitting on a couch or bed with other home chaos. There still exists an internal association of every employee in each other's life. 

In distinct teams, working collectively to achieve a target, however, all that any team members demand in return is not just the credits but an experience that helps their personal development and motivation to work more and more. Moreover, it plays a vital role for women employees who have just restarted their careers.

An organization can provide you with an Air conditioner, cushioned chair, and all the tools required to work but creating a healthy environment is the responsibility of every employee, irrespective of the location. To learn a few ways how you can participate in enhancing the employees experience, follow below.

What is employee experience?

Employee experience refers to the mental, physical and emotional journey from the interview to onboarding. Further, it continues with the department and team they work within an organization and ends at the time of their termination. 

Since the hiring rate in India has increased by 42% when compared to pre-Covid days, a common reason is in search of a better employee experience. Companies with good leaders who concentrate on targets, projects, revenues, deadlines, and the employees' issues can retain them for a longer period. This also reduces the percentage of sick leaves and false excuses helping the organization grow and earn more. 

Why focus on employee experience?

The benefit of employee experience is not just limited to the employees only, i.e., to achieve a satisfying environment and a good workplace diversity but is equally important for the organization to influence investors and customers. Here are 5 reasons why employers should focus on employee experience:

  • Better employee retention

  • Increase productivity

  • Win the Fame game over competitors

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • More business growth

How to improve the employee experience 

  1. Taking regular feedback from the employees through groups and meetings can help you build a better workplace for your people.
  2. Evaluation of the in-house data. This can help you analyze the average leaves, deadline failures, resignation, etc, and reasons for the same to conclude and work on their retention. 
  3. Have a plan, discuss it with the employees and make feasible changes to avoid confusion or hurting any employee in the future. 
  4. Regular Meeting: Since communication is the key to solving any problem, regular meets other than work can help you directly or indirectly study the employee's experience without even asking them.
  5. Updating the recruitment process. You always have to keep a check on your competitors for this and know what best can be done to create a good first impression on your employees.
  6. Have an Interesting Onboarding Session. Next to the interview and onboarding sessions, are the event to get the best out of your employee and work accordingly with them in the future.
  7. Planning for the event, collaborating to make them feel equally important. As the workplace belongs to them in the same ways as it does to you.
  8. Mentorship and training sessions can help you enhance the employee experience as it helps in growing and give them a new motivation to work effectively.
  9. Priorities the employees over work. Always hear out the employee's problem and try to either resolve or find a midway to keep the work going instead of burdening them.
  10. Giving regular feedback. As taking feedback will help you know the employees closely. It will also help you to convince them with your points with conditions calmly.
  11. Regular assessment report and future development options. This can help you retain your employees as assessment will show them their level, and development options like promotion or incentives will motivate them to work effectively.
  12. Exit interviews can be integrated into the recruitment process as this will help you know what is forcing the employee to leave your company. So that you can either retain them or do not let the same happen with any other employee.
  13. Team Building and Ice breakers are important to engage with the employees, and it helps you bring a joyful experience among the co-workers. This can be done through some sport or fun activities.
  14. Update new technologies and working tools to never let employees complain that your company is outdated.
  15. Communicate about the future and make them realize it's their plan. Well, involving every employee in the future plans might not help your more in the planning but will surely make them feel how important they are and how hard they need to work for their plan.
  16. Compensation packages can be a good gesture to make your employee experience better. The package can include tickets for the family to visit a place, insurance policies, health benefits, gifts, vouchers, etc.
  17. Always consider their call for an emergency. Not every employee might be having good days in their personal life, helping them bring a better employee experience.
  18. Have a book of terms and conditions shared with every employee. This will help your employees know the company better and reduce biasedness in the future.
  19. If you are a senior, always try to guide or help your junior. And in case you are a fresher, never hesitate to communicate any issue with your senior. This not only enhances the workplace experience but increases productivity.
  20. Team Outing, lunch, and parties are some of the common ways you can help every employee reveal out stress, feel equally values and also build a better understanding among all.

The employee experience is influenced by 3 important entities of a company: environmental, social, and corporate governance. However, we can still distinct them under various categories like good, bad, better, or worst. Some of the great companies that have set great employee experience examples are:


Strategy: Started their employees' training and development programs and updated their healthcare facilities. 

HP, another tech brand, believes employee experience is the most influencing factor of any business. The training session helped HP build an engagement closely with its employees, and healthcare facilities won their hearts. This led HP to increase its valuation from $16 to $26 in mere 2 years.


Strategy: Airbnb formed an employee experience group to learn about their employees individually

Airbnb seems to be the 1st one to realize and take certain measures to enhance their employee's experience back in 2013. Since it aimed to bring a homely experience to the workplace and offered equal benefits to the clients and employees, it successfully jumped to the top 6th position of the Employee Experience Index. 


Strategy: Accenture discovered 3 ideal ways to enhance their employee experience, i.e. -Identifying the mid-way between

- What needs to be done and what can their employees can do.

- Understanding the employee's need to make them feel they matter. 

- Working collectively on the employees' feedback to improve their experience. 

Accenture, one of the famous tech businesses, also believes employees' experience can build or destroy any organization if not considered seriously. And hence, it is recently ranked in the 7th position in the Employee Experience Index.


Strategy: Microsoft implemented the 5P's strategy to retain its employees. Pay, Perks, People, Pride, Purpose.

Who does not know about Microsoft? But for sure, you might not be aware of how it cares about its employee experience. Microsoft targeted and managed to connect with its employees emotionally by following the above strategy, and its commitment to the same can be seen in its recent Software Viva, the first-ever employee experience platform (EXP).


Strategy: Cisco appointed a new team in the year 2019 to solely monitor and work on enhancing the employee experience.

Cisco, one of the renowned companies worldwide, prioritizes its employees' comfort and satisfaction. Their belief in developing and upscaling the internal employee experience has brought them many awards in the same field, like No.1 Great Place to Work.


When employees enjoy their work and wish to work, even more, the company is bound to grow exponentially. Many companies are achieving heights with the good employee experience tactic. However, the increasing cases of bad experiences for women at workplace, i.e., office harassment, have stopped many skilled women to staying back at home along with the defaming the work culture. So, the women employee experience should be one of every organization's collective top priorities to help them grow. Qween has some of the top job listings to empower every woman looking for a good workplace with satisfactory credit. If you are a woman who wants to break the bars and are willing to start your career again with the best employee experience, do check out the Qween. 

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