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Which Social Media Platform is Best For Recruitment in 2022?

Which Social Media Platform is Best For Recruitment in 2022?

Social media is everywhere nowadays. The main purpose of inventing social networking sites was to enable sharing of different graphic media just for fun and making new friends, but the advanced minds of this world have definitely expanded the horizon of uses of social networking sites.

Among others, one most popular reason for which social media is used these days is for recruitment and find jobs. Different businesses have understood the trends and are taking advantage of the platforms as a source of communication to reach out to top talents for their companies.

According to a report, it has been noted that from the total population of India there will be around 467 million active users of social media in 2022. And that is the reason enough for recruiters to prioritize social networking sites at the top of the list of the toolkit for the process of recruitment. 

Social media recruitment extends the landscape of candidates for you as there is every kind of person available on social sites accompanied with varied skills and qualifications. 

But, how do you know which platform is best for social media recruitment? Which site must be most suitable for your business? 

To answer your questions we have compiled a list of social networking sites that are best for recruitment.

But before that let’s understand the concept of social media recruitment a little more clearly.

What is social media recruitment?

In simple words, social media recruitment is the process different businesses and enterprises carry out with the use of social media platforms to find, analyze, engage, and screen the most suitable candidate they want to hire.

This process is also known as social hiring and social recruiting. Social hiring is not only the most well-structured recruitment strategy but also provides other advantages like saving money. Saving time, targeting candidate persona, easy reach to passive candidates, boosting employer brand, showcasing of company culture, etc. 

Now that we are clear about social media recruitment, let's have a look at the list of the 4 best social media platforms for recruitment.

Top 4 social media platforms for recruitment in 2022

1. LinkedIn

There is no doubt that LinkedIn will be on top of this list. This platform is the world's largest and most popular professional social networking site, and it should be as it was invented to be one. There are so many businesses and individual candidates looking for opportunities for themselves through this platform. So it won't be too hard for you to select one top talent for yourself. The best part is because this is a global platform, the people available here also belong to different countries and it gives you chance to hire the best of the best for your company.

As the platform was meant for professional relationship building, you won't find any random party videos or vacation pictures. Here people create their accounts to find job and business opportunities and encourage the same too. Not only full-time or part-time jobs you can also hire people on a contract or freelance basis because there is a very big community of such professionals on LinkedIn.

This site is ideal for identifying passive candidates as well as active candidates. Surely with 800 million users from 200 countries globally, it is given that you might find the most suitable candidate for your company. 

LinkedIn gives you the option to create your company page where you can showcase your products/services, work-culture, updates and much more. It even gives you the option to post jobs - paid and free! 







2. Facebook

Facebook is the largest and most used social media platform in the world with over 2 billion monthly users. The point is that it is not a professional platform like LinkedIn, but for personal use. Despite this difference, the process of job seeking and job hiring is still one of the popular activities on Facebook. 

Also, this social site is used by people from almost all age ranges starting from 18 years old to 64 years old. So the companies and recruiters who are looking for hiring for varied numbers and kinds of positions, this age factor might be a blessing.

Moreover, Facebook covers the widest range of demographics you will ever find, which gives you the freedom to hire candidates from different regions with different experiences.

This platform provides you the cool feature of advertisement, using which you can widen your search for a candidate with specific talent, skills, qualifications, etc. This way you can also target passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but might get interested by seeing your job ad.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a popularly used social media and microblogging site. If you are really conscious about who you hire for your company, this platform might be the best option to filter candidates according to their thought, interest, and values by seeing their shared posts and tweets. Unlike, Facebook or LinkedIn people don't get to write their bio with more than 140 characters. 

One more plus point of using Twitter as a social media recruitment tool is that it is much cheaper to use. To get noticed you need to post consistently and regularly, otherwise, it is not much hard to get lost at bottom of the pool of tweets shared by other companies and people. 

4. Instagram

Instagram is the best networking site to hire for creative roles, as the platform is all about sharing creative graphics and visuals. One more reason to add this site to your social media recruitment strategy is if you are looking to hire younger candidates for your company. Although this platform is not very ideal for searching and hiring employees, some recruiters are leaning towards it get candidates for creative roles like copywriting, social media management, photography, influencers, etc. 

With the help of so many cool features of the Instagram story, you can post your job hiring ad to target specific candidates. 

Bottom line

Hopefully, this blog helped you find the most suitable social media site for social recruiting for your company. It all depends on the nature and requirement of your company, as every platform has its own specialty. Now it's up to you how that feature helps you. 

New to this whole recruitment scenario? Want help? Connect with Qween to get a recruitment solution for your company.  

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