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Top 5 Challenges in IT Recruitment and How To Overcome Them

Top 5 Challenges in IT Recruitment and How To Overcome Them

“We are changing the world with technology”. - Bill Gates

Do you agree? The entire world is now depending more and more on technology, especially after the pandemic. 

With the elevating dependency on information technology for more than one purpose, the need for relevant and highly skilled professionals is also increasing.

Sure, Amazon is a good example of a successful IT Company but the whole industry is much larger than that. The IT industry includes IT services, e-commerce, software, hardware products, etc. 

In fact, the IT industry of India is one of the main boosting factors of the Indian economy. And what is more, during a survey it has also been discovered that the revenue from India's IT industry is expected to increase up to $227 billion in FY22.

It is a fact that the competition in the tech department is quite rigid for both job seekers and companies. But the main problem or we can say challenge comes during the IT recruitment process.

Recruiting process is itself a big challenge for the recruiters, but when we add tech recruitment to that it becomes a more demanding task. Selecting the right candidate with the right skill set and talent coupled with navigating through changing dimensions of economy and market. But what to do? A recruiter has to do their job. 

But to do that you must be aware of the challenges you are going to face as a tech recruiter.

Here are 5 recruitment challenges you can face during hiring a tech talent for your company.

Top 5 challenges in IT recruitment

1. Attracting qualified candidate

Obviously, you will want to choose the right candidate for the job. But is it that easy? You must already know how time and cost-consuming it might get to pick a qualified applicant from the pool of unqualified candidates. 

So to make sure that you don't get next to the best option but the best option itself, attracting the right and relevant candidate from the start is the best thing to do. And how do you do that? Simply by cutting your talent pipeline into smaller forms by shortlisting only a limited number of applicants who are best qualified for the job.

This can be done by making all the requirements and roles clear in the job ad and post. You can also make a yes/no questionnaire to pick out some specific requirements. For example, if you want someone who can relocate after a while add that to your questionnaire.   

2. Keeping the top candidate’s attention

Now you want the best candidate, but it’s not only you, is it? There are so many IT companies in the market that one can select from. And more so if the said candidate is best, then it’s possible that they must be getting scouted by other recruiters too.

The top candidates are mostly passive and rarely look actively for a new role, or most probably they are already employed. But the relief is that this kind of candidate is open to new career growth opportunities. So approaching them with regular recruitment calls and email won't do. There are many ways to attract and engage passive candidates such as paying attention to their motivation factor, their requirements for a job, and what you can offer, and personalizing your emails according to that. 

Are you tired of looking at thousands of under-qualified applications on your desk to see which candidate is ideal for the position? Solution - QWEEN! We’ve helped companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s over the past 6+ years to source and hire qualified tech employees for their teams. Contact us today!

3. Not knowing where to source candidates from

Looking for talented candidates in the wrong place can be time-consuming and cost-consuming. So a recruiter should know where to start looking for the right candidates. Of course, you will post the job requirement on a job board like Indeed. But does it end there? You can also look for relevant candidates in different social media platforms along with discussion groups, specialist forums, recruiting agencies, etc. 

Getting help from your own IT team will be a much easier and more promising alternative than getting stuck in one place for candidate hunting. One more thing to remember is making a strategy and plan of action can save your time and energy as you will be able to target the skills, qualifications, and educational background you are looking for in the best candidate. 

4. The demand for high salary

When we talk about highly skilled professionals, then the talk of high-rise salaries will come too. Everything best comes with a price and so do talented tech workers. This poses one of the most difficult challenges for IT recruitment. 

The professionals who are data scientists, cloud architects, software development engineers, full-stack developers, etc. have high salary expectations from the recruiters. But when it comes to the compensation to employees it doesn't end on salary. Other factors like a flexible schedule, time-off, vacations, and other perks are counted too.

5. Communication gap

Communication differences can cause problems in many places and the process of tech recruitment is not untouched by this too. The recruiter and tech experts are from different nature of jobs and most will be different from each other when it comes to the communication front. 

On one hand, the recruiters are supposed to be the conversation opener and sociable people, and on the other side, the tech candidate might be more reserved and to the point person which might act as a rift between the two for communication. The problem of different languages might be one reason too. So how do you curb it? By engaging people from your IT department. Not only during the interview but involving the members of your tech team from the start of the recruitment process can solve the problem for both.


IT recruitment challenges can be easily overcome with the right strategies and map of action. But sometimes the recruitment process, especially the tech recruitment process can be too tiresome and challenging for the HR department. And during the times like that just remember that you are not on your own in this. Getting help from a recruiting agency will not only solve your high requirement recruitment problem but also save your time and cost. 

So if you want help with IT recruitment, connect with Qween!     

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