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Why QWEEN is The Best Recruitment Agency In Mumbai

Why QWEEN is The Best Recruitment Agency In Mumbai

Getting a job is not limited to walk-in interviews nowadays, there are other effective alternatives used by job-seekers as well as recruiters to get and fill in a job position. 

A recruitment agency is one of the most common and worthwhile sources that companies prefer and use to hire the most suitable and efficient candidates for the job positions. 

With India being one of the largest recruiter markets in the world, it has been estimated that there are around 23,000 recruitment agencies in India which are expected to grow more by 2025.

So exactly what does a recruitment agency do?

In simple words, a recruitment agency is an external organization that helps employers and different companies in finding worthy employees. They basically act like a thread between jobseekers and employers. 

Employers understand the real pressure and stress of the long process of finding and hiring the best candidate according to the job role, and the staffing agency makes it smooth by filling the specific job vacancies on behalf of the employers. 

Although there is one thing to be noted, recruitment agencies and employment agencies are not the same. A recruiting firm matches up a potent candidate with vacancies needed by the employer who directly pays the hired candidate. On the other hand, an employment agency directly employs candidates and appoints them to other firms. 

Recruitment agencies are like problem solvers for both the staffing department of a company and job seekers, as they provide service by identifying, evaluating, and delivering relevant candidates to the clients, aka, companies and vice versa. 

So if you are a job seeker or a company looking for the best candidates, QWEEN can solve your problem in a jiffy. 

What is QWEEN?

QWEEN is one of India's leading recruitment agencies in Mumbai. The platform is started by three motivated mothers - Neha Shah, Niti Jain, and Deval Shah; who after enjoying their motherhood wanted to revive their careers with more passion and enthusiasm and they successfully did so.

In a world where it is difficult for women to bounce back in their careers after entering the life of a mother, what these three mothers found astonishing was a smooth flow of transformation between being a mother and a thriving career woman.

Knowing how difficult it can be to re-establish their career for some women, the founders of QWEEN invented this women-centered platform in the year 2015 with the mission of empowering the women community by providing them with full-time, part0time, flexible and work-from-home job opportunities.

As a recruitment agency, QWEEN helps companies in solving their employment problem by providing them a solution in the form of diversity recruitment.

What does a diversity recruitment solution entail? It means that companies can hire candidates without any bias. We don't limit the applicants to a certain age, group, or category, but everyone can apply and can get hired from our platform. The women who are applying through our platform are in varied forms starting from students, mothers restarting their work, widows, the ones who are changing their careers, etc. Although we are a women-centered platform, applications from men applicants are open too.  

QWEEN helps companies build high-performing, diverse teams that focus on productivity and growth. We also specialize in Leadership training, Soft skills, Presentation skills, Technical skills, Coaching and more per the company's needs.

With QWEEN, you have a team of professional recruiters who work with the company to find the best-matched professional for the position. We place diverse talent across all industries and skill levels and pride ourselves in our exceptional record of successful placements. We vet each candidate carefully and match skills and goals to create a win-win relationship for the company and its new hires. 

Over the years, QWEEN has become the trusted one-stop recruitment solutions provider to fortune 500 companies, start-ups, businesses and corporates. 

We work closely with our clients' talent acquisition, people operations, and executive teams to drive meaningful diversity and inclusion commitments within their organizations that enable a more welcoming workplace. We've helped companies from leading brands to emerging startups find candidates through our D&I strategies that engage, attract and retain more diverse employees for their business.

Ever since the platform was created, more than 3, 00,000 women have joined our community and this achievement has helped us establish our name by providing recruitment solutions to 500+ startups, businesses, companies, and corporates namely, Amazon, Adobe India, HP, Kotak, UpGrad and a lot more. And we are victoriously on the way to achieving more such goals. 

What are the services provided by QWEEN?

The primary services provided by QWEEN are:

1. Provide job opportunities

Just like any other recruitment agency, the main service that we provide is job opportunities. We have already mentioned before that we are a platform that focuses on providing work-from-home jobs to women, but we are not limited to that only. Any woman who wants to have actual real-life experience in the corporate world can also apply for their desired job role from Qween. We provide flexible job opportunities in the industry and corporate sector too. Also just because we are a women-centered platform, it doesn't mean that men can not apply for a job position through our platform. It is open to everyone who is looking for any kind of job opportunity. 

Are you looking for work-from-home jobs in Mumbai? Apply now!

2. Training and upskilling programs

We emphasize on training and development of women in our community. There are various workshops and diversity programs offered on our platform for women who want to grow personally as well as professionally. If you want to attract the employer to your profile and select you for an interview round, it is important to boost your profile and upskill. These training programs help women to increase their knowledge and confidence to stay in the race in this competitive world. 

3. Career advice

Our blog and downloadable resources section give women much-needed career advice to stay up-to-date. A woman is empowered only when she is aware of what she is doing and we try our best to provide all kinds of career advice that might help you in the growth of your career.

4. Recruitment services to companies

The primary service that we provide to companies is recruitment services. As a recruitment agency, it is our duty to solve the problem of companies by matching them up with suitable and efficient employees.

We have been working for years as a trusted IT recruitment agency in India, specializing in permanent recruitment, contract staffing, part-time, bulk hiring for IT sectors across all verticals. We have a proven track record of successfully recruiting for many reputed firms.

Why should you choose QWEEN?

Some of the benefits of choosing qween as your recruitment firm are:

  1. We are cost-efficient and will save your time also by making your recruiting process easy and smooth. In short, faster hiring.

  2. Get high-quality candidates, with relevant skills and expertise in their fields.

  3. By choosing qween, you are contributing to a social cause and supporting the growth of the women's community. 

  4. You can get help in hiring candidates from various sectors like accounting, legal, marketing, HR, business development, etc. 

  5. Choosing qween can help you hire expert candidates as we provide upskilling and development training to the women in our community.


It can’t be easier than this, with choosing a recruitment agency you get all in one package. For jobseekers, they can browse all the job positions according to their skills and knowledge and apply for the same. Companies and businesses have the advantage of saving time, cost, and effort, as we will be doing all this for you. 

Need a recruitment agency? Connect with us!

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