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6 Creative Ways To Source Tech Talent Faster in 2022

6 Creative Ways To Source Tech Talent Faster in 2022

Technology has taken over the world like a storm. Everything involves technology, from our day-to-day life to our professional life. We are constantly on our phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and anything that includes the internet. We are surrounded by technological devices.

And to meet the need of this increasing and advancing technological phenomenon, the number of tech companies has also been expanded. Noticeably, the IT sector in India has a great impact on the economy of the country. 

It has been found in a survey that the revenue from the IT sector in India is estimated to be at around $190 billion and is further anticipated to reach $350 billion by the year 2025. 

It's not just IT companies, but companies in other sectors also need little or more tech assistants and for that, they are always on the hunt for talented and skilled tech employees. 

There is no scarcity of talent in India when it comes to the technology department, but there are many challenges in tech/IT recruitment is not an easy process and takes time to find the best talent.

Most of the time companies get reserved for the traditional form of hiring, not that there is something wrong with traditional recruitment methods. It's just that with changing market trends and requirements the need of evolving the procedure is also important.

So how do you make tech hiring faster and easier?

Here are 6 creative ways that could help you in finding the best tech employees for your company.

6 creative ways to source tech talent faster in 2022

1. Search the candidates in the right place

India is filled with tech geniuses and can be found quite easily if looked at the right place. But before starting your pursuit you should first know what you are looking for. You can't find the relevant candidate unless you know the specific requirements, skills, and qualifications. Because we are dealing with technical stuff here, it is vital to identify the core skills required.

And once you determine what is needed, move to find the candidates at the right places and not just anywhere. Focus on communities where there is a maximum chance of finding tech talent. The platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, and LinkedIn are ideal places to find talents as you can see their work and skills and not just hear about it from them.  

2. Make the job posting appealing and realistic

A talent recruitment strategy starts with a good job description. In the tech industry, it is evident that with different job positions you need specific skills and this should be mentioned in the job posting. To make your tech hiring more efficient try involving someone from the technology department to make the relevant job description. It is also important for a recruiter to be realistic with their requirements. We have seen companies looking for candidates with 3 years' experience for a fresher-level job. 

It doesn't end here, make it easier for them to find the posting too. Nowadays people search specific keywords in search engines and browse their options. So make sure you are in their reach from all the possible platforms.

3. Be tech savvy recruiter

It's actually very important for every recruiter to be tech savvy, especially after the pandemic. Almost everything going digital has made it necessary for employers to be familiar with the technological aspects. Now every process from receiving applications to interviews has been digitalized with the use of the software. 

Companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage their whole recruitment and hiring process. And seeing the difficulty level of tech recruitment it is evidently required here. Also if the recruiter does not know what they are talking about, it might create a low opinion of the candidate about the company. In simple words, the recruiter should know technical jargon too.

4. Communication is the key

Communication is important for everyone if they want a smooth functioning of their company. And same goes for the tech hiring process. Keep the candidates updated on all the parts, if they doubt, clear them and provide feedback. As we mentioned before, know what technical jargons are, and be aware of their subjects and topics. 

It was also very essential to be clear about expectations and requirements from both sides, whether in terms of salary or work environment. 

5. Make your employees useful

Your employees and their work experience in your firm speak a lot about your company. When you treat your employees with respect and equality they give you their trust, and that quality is a great recruitment source in itself. Employee referral is one of the best and most used sources of hiring that companies consider. Your current employees who are happy with you will promote your brand and that will attract more talented candidates who want to work in the same environment. 

This strategy is a faster, cheaper, and easier way of sourcing tech talent in your company. 

6. Optimize your social media presence

Social media recruiting is the most trending sourcing strategy for any recruiter nowadays. The platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are widely used by both experienced and fresher candidates to seek worthy job opportunities. This is the best time to optimize your social media accounts in such a way that not only promotes your company culture but also attracts a talented pool of tech candidates. While networking through these platforms you can also check out the candidate's profile and if they are suitable for the job or not. 

Bottom line

These were the 6 creative yet known ways that can help the recruiter in hiring the best tech talent faster. Not only attracting and hiring but retaining employees is also important. All said and done, the technology department is something that's always growing and evolving. And we need to change and develop along with that too. So without wasting more time create your own tech hiring strategy as per your company and its requirements. 

But, in case you are feeling clueless about this whole tech recruitment scenario, connect with QWEEN. We are a recruitment agency and can help in finding the best tech talents.   

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