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Work from home vs work from office - Which is better?

Work From Home
Work from home vs work from office - Which is better?

Ever since the pandemic hit the globe, a new topic of preference comparison has been born, i.e., work from home vs work from an office. Again this specific topic of discussion has its own for and against the audience. Some people prefer work from home jobs while others give a positive answer to working from the office.

Everyone's living conditions and experiences are different; therefore, the preference for remote work or office work comes with their convenience and choice. For instance, a mother who wants to make her career and look after her family simultaneously would want to adapt work from the home phenomenon, while a beginner employee who is just starting their career journey would like to experience the real corporate world through the office.  

Now the question arises which is better? Work from home or work from the office? With the scenario happening around us it looks like both work cultures their divided supporters. 
To help you figure it out and make this choice easy, we have compiled information on the pros and cons of both remote jobs and office work culture.

So let's see which is better?

Work From Home Benefits And Drawbacks


1. Work-life balance - Work from home phenomenon helps maintain a work-life balance. Any kind of job has a requirement of a fixed number of working hours and working from the office makes it feel as though most of the day is spent in the office cubical and very less time left for family time and other leisure activities. Remote work gives employees an advantage to maintain a balance between work and personal life by giving reasonable time to both the important part of anyone's life. Moreover, most companies provide employees flexibility to choose their working hours as per their comfort, which is good for the productivity of that professional.

2. No commute - One of the best work from home benefits any employee gets is reduced or no commute requirement. When you are working remotely, you don't need to travel from your home to the office as you are working from home. Commuting is one of the reasons that hamper the work of employees by affecting their efficiency and productivity. With no traveling, every day, dealing with traffic, and fear of being late the workers can start their duties without any stress and with a fresh mindset. 

3. Save money and time - With no commute, the money and time problem is also solved. Not only work from home cuts the cost of traveling and fuel, but also another random spending on snacks and many other things. Also by not traveling, you are saving your time from both coming to the office and going back home. With that saved time, one can involve in so many new things from spending time with their family to picking new skills like learning a new language.

4. Increased productivity - In a survey done by connect solutions, it has been noted that working from home can improve productivity by 77%. With the fewer numbers of distractions and stressful occurrences, the employees can increase their performance level to a good extent. With the availability of separate working spaces and a peaceful environment, the professionals can focus more sternly on their work and achieve their goals. 


1. Not everyone’s cup of tea - Working from home is not ideal for everybody. As stated earlier everyone's life is different conditions and can't be suitable for remote work. Same way not everyone has the same mindset and they might prefer working from the office as a more productive option. A person who lives with a big joint family and gets disturbed by regular happenings in the house might not like work from home jobs. 
2. Need for moral support - When employees are working from home it becomes hard for the coordinator and manager to maintain team spirit as everyone is working separately from their respective homes, which can affect the working condition of the company. 

3. Poor internet connection - The most important part of working from home is technology and internet connection. If the broadband connection is not reliable then it can hinder the workflow of the employee, which can further cause frustration. Moreover, electricity cut out is one disadvantage too. 

Work From Office Benefits And Drawbacks


1. Communication-
In the corporate world, every decision is important and face-to-face meetings are most suitable for such a decision-making process. It not only strengthens the relationship between everyone but also gives a sense of trust and responsibility. There are various management levels in a company and it is essential to coordinate each department in a way that the end goal is achieved effectively which is possible by working together in a professional setting and environment that can be provided by working in an office. 

2. Time management-
The working time can be managed better while working from the office. When we are working from the office there is a time set for every task we do. From the time of arrival, lunch break to departure, everything is set in a routine. This routine is very helpful to maintain our work schedule and complete the work effectively. Here we are aware that the task should be completed at a given deadline and we do so and that accomplishment goes to the success of the project and company. 


1. Non-flexible - As we discussed before every task in the office is set in a routine, which apart from being a benefit can also be a drawback. Yes! Doing the same work daily can be repetitive and becomes monotonous.
2. Return to commute - Obviously, going back to the office will require you to travel from your home to the office and vice versa. Again the cost of commute and other necessities will increase and time will also be compromised. It can be more difficult for those who would have to take train and buses to travel, in case residing far from the office. 


Work From Home Vs Work From Office

After reading the mentioned pros and cons of both work from the office and work from home culture, it is clear that both the situations have their own arguments supporting them. It entirely depends on the person concerned on which condition will be better for them. On one hand, the work from home benefits is too good to pass on it, while on the other hand the traditional office work culture is sacred and can't be absolutely eliminated so suddenly. So once again, the choice is all about how you see it and how it is beneficial to you. 

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