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5 Companies In India Hiring For Remote Work In 2022

Work From Home
5 Companies In India Hiring For Remote Work In 2022

What do you prefer? Work from home or work from the office?

This particular question has been the topic of discussion for professional workers all around the world. If you are active on social media, then you must have seen varied types of content created on the work from home topics. From the pros & cons of the remote work culture to the different changes that working from home has brought to our lives.

While many companies have adopted the remote work culture to curb the issue of the emergence of Covid-19, among those many companies, few are still going on ahead with the remote working idea. 

The work from the home scene is turning into a permanent situation rather than a temporary solution because of its many advantages for both employees and organizations. 

After getting firsthand experience of working from the comfort of their home or any other remote place they want to, the employees also prefer to work from home and this statement can be proven with a survey which states that around 61% of employees favour working remote than from the office. 

Not only employees but the companies are also figuring out that work from home jobs are in more demand and more effective for them in long run. 

So if you want to know which companies are adopting a fully remote work culture in India, then follow this article till the end to find out.

Top Companies That Are Hiring For Remote Work In 2022

1) OYO - It is a hospitality organization and is one of those companies in India which gives a choice to their employees to select their working preferences by adopting hybrid working culture. Their working professionals can choose to work from home, work from anywhere or work from Oyo workspaces as per their requirements. Being supportive of humanity and empathy, this company is making it clear that they are concerned and cautioned about their employees' health and safety. Another reason behind this adaptation is the increased productivity of employees that comes with the flexibility provided by remote work culture.

2) Facebook - The next company on the list of adapting work from home culture is Facebook. The tech-giant company has announced a permanent work from home option for employees in June 2021. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has the intention to make half of the professional workforce of the company work remotely by 2030 and has made plans according to it too.

3) Spotify- A music streaming & media platform based in Swedish. Just like Oyo this company has also embraced the work from anywhere model for their employees. According to this model the professionals of the company can choose if they want to work from home full time or work full time from the office. They can also choose both options and plan to work from both office and home as per their choice. This way they are encouraging the dedication and creativity of employees towards their respective jobs. 

4) TCS - Tata Consultancy Services (TSC) is an information technology service in India that is situated in Mumbai. TCS has decided to adopt work from home culture for its employees. This IT company has announced to make three-fourths of its total professional workforce to be remote by 2025. And the change has already started. It has been found that about 95% of employees in TCS are still working from home and will continue to do so. 

5) Infosys- Infosys is one of the major information technology companies in India that gives IT, business consultancy, and outsourcing services. According to the CFO of Infosys Nilanjan Roy around 95% of the total workforce are still working from home and the other 5% who mainly consist of senior executives are working from the office. Their long-term plan involves adopting a hybrid working system where about 40%-50% of employees will work from the office. 

Benefits of remote work

  • Working from home helps to maintain a better work-life balance in one's life by providing flexibility. 

  • Working remotely also increases the productivity of employees along with self-confidence. Working from home enables both employees and companies to focus on the performance rather than on office gossip, politics, and other distractions.

  • The stress of commuting to the office is also reduced while working from home and it also saves time and money on transportation.

  • Location freedom is also another point that shows the benefits of working remotely. If your work allows you can work from anywhere from a café to a hill station that provides you peace along with concentration. 


You will also agree that with changing dynamics in the world the point of view of people is also changing. If we don't accommodate the evolving situations in our life we might be left behind by others. Work from home has been the trend ever since the pandemic and by the looks, it is also clear that it is here to stay, doesn't matter if Covid is present or not. 

If you are someone who is looking for work-from-home jobs, then you are at the right place. Qween is an online platform that provides work-from-home job opportunities along with mentorship.   

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