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Top 10 Remote Work Benefits for Employees

Work From Home
Top 10 Remote Work Benefits for Employees

Since the advent of covid 19 many of us have bid goodbye to office cubicles, towering skyscrapers and water cooler chats; and acquainted ourselves to work from home. 

Virtual office has now become the new normal with major companies shifting to hybrid or permanent remote work models and there are many remote work benefits for employees. But this is gaining more success with technological advancements like video conferencing software, employee engagement platforms and developed cloud services that keep people connected and assist them to work from anywhere with just good internet!.

Let’s dive deep to understand what is remote work?

While offering a flexible working mechanism, remote work allows an employee to work from a location other than the company's headquarters. This arrangement can assure work-life balance, access to professional prospects, or reduced commuting costs for employees who can complete work offshore.

Over the past 2 years, there has been a dramatic change in the working landscape as a result of the Pandemic in 2020. Working from home improved productivity and demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt due to the covid 19 lockdown. There are many other remote work benefits for employees that we will discuss in this article. 

According to a survey by SAP Concur, an expense management firm, 88% of the workforce in India prefers to work remotely after the pandemic. 

Talking about the employers, remote working is not just about saving companies overhead expenses rather it is more about employee retention, staff motivation and increased employee productivity. Additionally, remote working has opened multiple doorways for freelancers, consultants, and contractual & international workers. 

Then why go remote? Let’s explore its pros in greater detail!

With Remote Work trending in the present workspace scenarios, have a look at the intriguing series of remote work benefits for employees.

1. Notable Breakthrough in Communication

As you know that with rapid technological advancements like virtual zoom calls etc., communication now has become easier, to keep everybody on the same page. Employees’ collaboration has improved, fostering real-time project updates and client profiles. It also leads to better clientele relationships and experiences. 

2. Increase in Productivity

Attainment of higher productivity is one of the main aims of any enterprise. According to studies, remote working employees are more productive than their office counterparts. This is because there are fewer social interruptions. In addition, you can opt for essential breaks, which psychologists claim can help with overall performance and motivation, among other things.

3. Better Work-Life Balance

Remote Work also promotes a healthy work-life culture. You can personalise your environment to meet the demands, for example, working in your comfortable clothing and technology setup and take boost-up breaks for your physical and emotional needs as it arises. Hence remote work helps in keeping the well-being of the employee intact.

4. Location Independence

You can have wider choices as far as career options are concerned; you can have wider choices that are not restricted by geography. Moreover, with remote work facilities, you can work from anywhere, even on mountains or beaches! You won’t have to travel to another city to pursue your work-life. In addition, you would be able to take care of your family and elderly with ease.  

 5. Inclusive Approach

Employees can work from any place globally, cutting across geographical and social boundaries. This instils new opportunities for working mothers who struggle to leave home due to family commitments. This inclusive approach helps employers to look for potential employees, thus building diversity and inclusivity in the organisation.

6. Greater Flexibility

Remote work allows employees to work on flexible schedules to balance their work and home life. Some people like to work in the morning while some others prefer to work on the night shift. As long as you meet organisational deadlines, there are no flaws here. This perspective is making significant headway in inducing greater autonomy among the employees.

7. Reduction in Expenditures

You have to incur additional expenses when you go to work. Like the brunt of travel costs, parking, lunches bought out, professional wardrobes, etc. Now you don’t have to spend additional charges anymore. As a result, remote working is a cost-saving tool. This means you'll have more money to spend on other things.

8. More Freedom For The Employees

We tend to perform better when we are on our own. On this note, if you want to belt out a significant number of work hits, you’d definitely opt for remote work. You can arrange the work plan according to your wishes. Provided you complete your tasks on time. This automatically builds mutual trust and enhances job satisfaction.  

9. Increased Comfort Zone

Commotions and interruptions often stand as a stumbling block in offline offices. Even if it is a part of the office culture, it poses significant challenges to the employees. Working from home provides quietness and up your comfort level. As Flex Jobs 10th Annual Survey has revealed that about 58% of the respondents have expressed their desire to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic.  

10. A Happy and Sound Well-Being

Working from home has been demonstrated to reduce stress and allow more time for your hobbies and interests. Remote work also helps in improving personal relationships, among other things.  Hence remote workers tend to be more happier and loyal employees. It automatically promotes your well-being.

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