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6 Quick Tips To Get Recruited Fast

6 Quick Tips To Get Recruited Fast

Getting recruited in this competitive and advanced world is not an easy task. Especially in the top-tier companies which are most youth's dream jobs or an organization to work at. 

The dynamic of the global market has changed and most companies are getting choosy and highly picky with their hiring process. And can we blame them? Everyone wants the best for themselves, even the job-seekers. 

The point is that recruitment is not a one-step process, but there are many levels that an applicant has to go through before getting hired successfully for their dream job.

A survey done by Glassdoor says that each commercial job posting engages around 250 resumes on average, and out of those only 4 or 6 candidates get selected for the interview round, and at last, only 1 deserving candidate gets the job. 

Getting the picture? In scenarios like this getting stressed and anxious over your job hunting is not an ideal thing to do. But preparing yourself to give your best and tackle that situation is. 

So how do you do that? Worry not, we have compiled a list of tips for you that can help you in getting hired easily and faster. Of course, it's up to you to understand these points and apply them as per your industry and requirement.

6 quick tips to get recruited easily

1. Get specific about your job search

When your aim is to get hired quickly, you can't waste time. And to do that, getting particular about the job position is an important step to take. Stop filling out applications for job roles that you are only semi-interested in and apply for those positions that you are sure about. 

Sometimes it happens that when we are confused we tend to apply for multiple different positions in the same field. For example, you are a BBA graduate and since you have options, you can go for marketing, sales, finance, accounts, etc. 

But instead of applying to various departments what you can do is select one role that you are good at and have the skills to perform the same. If you don't know yet, take time to research roles and evaluate your options according to that. 

Other than the assurance of job title, you should also get clear about other working conditions like, if you want to work remotely or in an office, working environment, etc. Make a list of these keywords and tailor your job search according to that.

2. Prepare your resume and cover letter

We don't have to tell you how important a resume is for finding jobs and getting hired. Don't ever follow that copy and paste method for your resume. It will get rejected in no time. What you should do is to make your resume job-specific as per the position. Highlight all the skills, educational qualifications, and experiences that match the position. You can check out the job description posted by the company to tailor your resume as per their requirement.

With the companies advancing their recruitment process with ATS, it's important to include all the relevant keywords that can grab both the system and the hiring manager's attention.

And not to forget your cover letter. Some people say that cover letters are things of the past, but in reality, they are not. There are many HR and recruiters who still check out and actually read your cover letter. So be sure to format your cover letter as per every job position. 

3. Make use of the job board and social media accurately

Job boards and portals play a very important role in the process of finding a job. There are so many boards made for the purpose of searching for jobs with specific titles and requirements. Job-seekers have the option to filter their search based on location, job title, salary requirement, keywords, and many other choices. 

Other than job boards, social media is a very efficient place to find jobs. Platforms like LinkedIn are made specifically for professional purposes only and if used correctly can be very beneficial. 

4. Don’t forget to follow-up

To make sure your recruitment process doesn't get stuck, do a follow-up after applying and interview the hiring manager or recruiter. You can also send them a thank you email or letter to let them know you appreciate them talking or replying to you. And don’t forget to include your contact information too. This will show them how invested you are in the job and process, which will aid them in their decision-making.

5. Leverage your references and network for a better opportunity

Networking is very important for anyone’s career in today’s world. You never know who will help you in getting your next job. It doesn't matter if the job is online or in the office, most jobs are found through networking. 

References are the same, almost all employers check them. You can get recommendations or references from your former boss, colleagues, clients, etc. But remember to give these people a heads-up that you are applying for a job in a company and mention them as a reference to avoid any confusion.

6. Stay away from the negativity

When we are under stress, we mostly start to overthink and second guess ourselves. But that's something you should avoid. It can not only ruin your self-confidence but also your interview process. 

Also while talking about your prior employment environment in an interview you should avoid talking negatively because that can influence your impression of the recruiter in a bad way. So think positive and be positive.


Finding a job is indeed a tough process and something that requires a process, but if you take calculated steps and don't waste time going forward without a plan it can help you in getting hired quickly and easily. Because small things do make big impacts.

Now that you know what you should do to speed up your process of getting hired, it's time to apply for the job you desire. Don't know where to apply? Let us help you. At QWEEN we provide you with work from home and flexible job opportunities. Apply now!

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