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How to become a recruiter - A step by step guide

How to become a recruiter - A step by step guide

The recruitment and selection process is one of the most important functions performed in any company. This process determines that the right kind of people are hired in the company to contribute some value. 

The HR department is responsible to undertake these functions and is also a very vital part of any organization’s management. If you are thinking of making your career in this department then first you have to start from a beginner's level. 

And the position title for that level is called the recruiter. It’s a recruiter’s job to strengthen the personnel team of a company by finding and recruiting suitable and relevant employees.

So if you are looking for answers to the questions like, what exactly a recruiter is? What does a recruiter do? How to become a recruiter? Then fret not, because we have tried to find perfect answers to your questions in this blog.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Who is a recruiter? - Role and responsibilties

A recruiter in any company runs the whole process of recruitment from beginning to end and is an important part of the HR department. A job recruiter who is also called a talent recruiter or headhunter in the market performs the task such as identifying and uploading job postings, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, interviewing candidates, making offers & negotiating, and easing up the selected candidates into getting comfortable in the company. 

Because the competition to hire top and the best talent is high, the recruiter has a huge responsibility on their plate. After all, it's also about helping the candidates get a high salary and a positive working environment. A recruiter has to achieve goals for both sides. 

The main point is the job of a recruiter is much more than putting a job description.

So what are the responsibilities fulfilled by a recruiter?

  • Creating and implementing the entire recruiting strategy.

  • Figure out exact job requirements and develop a relevant job description or specification.

  • Identifying future job recruitment needs.

  • Connecting with other department managers to have a gist of their requirements.

  • Sourcing suitable candidates from databases, social media, online job portals, etc.

  • Screening and shortlisting the best candidates.

  • Conducting interview. 

  • Completing paperwork for new employees.

  • Keeping up with companies and government’s rules, regulations and legislations.

Now moving on to the main part, i.e. how to become a recruiter.

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How to become a recruiter?

1. Education 

Almost every job in this world requires some kind of educational background, and so does a recruiter job. Although it is not mandatory, holding a bachelor's degree in a field like, business administration, marketing, human resource, or psychology can be very helpful in starting your recruiter career.

Adding on to that you can also enroll in specialized certification courses to become a recruiter which can introduce you to the in and out of the field. These certification courses can also act as a substitute for an undergraduate degree.

2. Learn recruitment skills

Skills are of great importance for any job, and not just to show on a resume but when the time comes you should be able to implement the same too. To have a successful recruitment career you need to have skills such as communication, time-management, problem-solving, sales, marketing, relationship building, listening skills, critical thinking, and most important patience. Since you will be working with two parties, it's essential to be a great mediator.

3. Earn work experience

It's possible that you might not get a recruiter job just after doing your degree or certification course, or maybe you might. But gaining some kind of familiarity is important here. Getting eased into doing office work is important here. To gain such experience you can apply and join an HR internship in a company. That way you can see and learn how the HR department actually runs, how are different functions performed in the recruitment process, and what this profession entails for them in that particular industry. The help of a mentor will be very appreciated for your recruiter job and overall career.

4. Create your network

Networking has become an important part of any career, but building a network is a more needed part for a recruiter. As a job recruiter has to fill in positions frequently a large and meaningful social network is needed. You can ask your connections for recommendations on the type of candidates you require to perform a certain job. 

One of the most common ways to build a network is through social media platforms, but there are other ways too like networking events and career fairs.

5. Prepare and ace the interview

The recruiting community is competitive and filled with go-getters, so you have to prepare well for your interview as there are much fish in the sea that companies can choose from. The most common thing that occurs during the recruiter interview is that they will evaluate how you lead the conversation as communication is very vital to becoming a recruiter. You need to persuade the interviewer to hire you the same you will convince a candidate to choose the company. You will be judged on how you bring value to both the company and the potential candidate. 

6. Never stop learning

Learning is a process that never stops, you can keep learning about this profession even after you got a job. There are many master's degrees too that might help you in getting ahead in your HR career. Moreover, the main training for any job happens when you are actually doing it. Once you get the basic training of performing a recruiter job you can also move on to decide to choose a particular field. There is various kind of recruiter job that you can opt for such as executive recruiter, internal recruiter, IT recruiter, legal recruiter, etc.


Being a recruiter requires a lot of determination and patience, just like any other job in the market, but it also depends upon your commitment too. And if you go for it and stick with it with full honesty this career option can very rewarding for both your professional life and financial front. According to a survey, the average salary of a recruiter in India is Rs. 4, 20,000, quite appealing, isn't it?

And if you are someone who is already prepared with these steps and looking to apply for a recruiter job position, you can apply on QWEEN. We as a recruitment agency can help you in finding the best match for your desired job.  



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