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How To Answer "Tell Me About Yourself" In An Interview

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How To Answer  "Tell Me About Yourself" In An Interview

If you have ever appeared in an interview, you must know the first question any interviewer starts with is "tell me about yourself." And if you are new to this interview scenario, let us inform you that all the interviewers generally begin the interview with a self-introduction question. 

It doesn't matter that you are giving the interview on a phone call, via video conferencing, or in person; it's the first question any interviewer would ask you. The manner and words in which they ask can be varied, albeit the purpose will always be the same i.e., self-introduction of the candidate. 

It's mostly easy to talk about yourself, as we all know ourselves much better than anyone else. But during the interview, when the recruiter drops this specific question on us, it suddenly becomes so hard and stressful to answer this simple question.

The doubts like, what am I supposed to say? Where should I start? Should I include my hobbies too? Fill your mind with worries and make answering the question more complicated. 
But truth to be told, "Please introduce yourself" is a very open-ended question, and thus, you can form your response in an exploratory manner. 

Want to know how to answer tell me about yourself? Then let us guide you step-by-step with this article. 

Why do interviewers ask this question?

To answer any interview question, it is very important to be aware of the reason or purpose for which the question is being asked for.

To simply put, with this question, the interviewer is not asking what your favorite movie & cuisine is. But one of the main agendas behind this query is to ease you into the conversation with small yet not-so-small talk. 

Why do we say not so small talk? Because although it is a starting point for the interview, it is not the ending point as depending on your reply, the recruiter will decide what is the next question that should be asked you.

As mentioned above, the main focus of this question is self-introduction, in a way that the interviewer gets a glimpse of who you are? And how do you fit in their team and company as a reliable candidate? 

Crafting an impressive reply to the question "tell me about yourself" is very important, as your answer to this question will determine the flow of the interview. 

If you impress the interviewer, then they will carry on the interview with more engaging questions to get to know you better, but if your answer goes wrong, then it won't take much time for the recruiter to wrap up the interview. 

There are different ways and wordings an interviewer can frame this question; some examples are:

  • Please introduce yourself.
  • Walk me through your resume.
  • Tell me more about your background
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Can you tell me more about your experience?


How to answer “tell me about yourself”?

Without complicating it, we suggest you tailor your reply using this proven and established present, past, and future formula i.e.

  • Past- How did you reach where you are now? What are your past experiences in relation to work, education, and other interests? How is it suitable for the company and role you are applying for?
  • Present- Tell them what is your present scenario? What are you currently doing, and what are your recent accomplishments?
  • Future- What are your plans for the coming next days? Why are you interested in this job role, and how are they suitable for you?

Of course, these are not the only steps you must prepare your answer with. According to your personal taste, little adjustments from here and there will be of great help. Below we have listed a few tips to structure a great reply to the tell me about yourself question. Let's take a look at it. 

Tips for answering “tell me about yourself.”

  1. Keep it professional and short

    Keep your answer formal without stretching it for too long. Try to wrap it up in under 1 to 2 minutes while sticking to providing all the relevant information that can prove your suitability for the role and company. 

  2. Structure your reply according to your role

    While answering, be sure to know all the information provided about the job description. The interviewer is asking you questions to find if you will be a good fit for the role or not, and if you sit on the interview with half-cooked knowledge, then no one can stop this interview from going down and taking you along with you. It is important to structure the reply in such a manner that the recruiter understands that you are familiar with the responsibilities of the job position and can perform it efficiently. 

  3. Don’t be a parrot, but practice

    Taking an idea on how to answer a specific is normal, but parroting it in front of every interviewer is not a good idea. Practicing is very important but memorizing will not be an effective option to opt for as it can mess your interview up.

  4. Know your audience

    It is essential to be aware of who your interviewer is. It can be the HR manager, hiring manager, executive, or CEO. With different roles, these people might expect varied kinds of replies from you. 

Tell me about yourself (Sample)

My name is Patrika Jones, I am 23 years old, and I recently graduated from University XYZ with a bachelor's in business administration. I chose that field of study because I have always been interested in marketing and business studies. 

I was also part of the University's local magazine and have written effective articles and blogs on certain important topics. I have also sustained a GPA of 4.1.

After completing my exams, I volunteered in an NGO by making strategies for their social media platform and applying the same to action.

I have acquired some fundamental skills with the help of online courses and worked hard for my knowledge, and now I am ready to hopefully gain some real-life working experiences by applying them to practice.


You don't have to stuff your reply with too much information, and words, just the relevant facts that would let the hiring manager know that you are compatible for the job will be enough. So be concise and give a lasting impression with your answer. 

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