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How To Write A Resignation Letter (With Samples)

How To Write A Resignation Letter (With Samples)

Dear Sir, I Quit. Thank you & sincerely, XYZ.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could resign from any job just by writing these simple and concise words? It sounds appealing, doesn't it? But the reality of writing a resignation letter is far from it. Being in the conventional scenario, the format of writing a resignation letter is also formal. 

While quitting your job, you need to be professional, even if you already had that awkward face-to-face talk with your boss about resigning from your job. Now whatever your reason was, it might be good or bad, you can't turn your resignation letter into a complaint letter.

Moreover, it is an employee's ethical responsibility to provide formal notice in advance about quitting, as it will help the company's management arrange another full-time or substitute employee for the time being. It is righteous to part ways on a good note because the opinion and references of your former boss and colleagues will set a good impression on your future jobs.    

Never written a resignation letter before? Allow us to give you an overview of how to write a resignation letter. So to get a clear picture, firstly, let us understand the concept of a resignation letter.

What is a resignation letter?

A letter of resignation is a formal letter that an employee sends to their employer to inform them that they are resigning from the post and won't be working at the company anymore. In more simple words, it is a letter you send to your boss to let them know that you are quitting and to seal it officially as a formal goodbye. 

Are resignation letters necessary?

When you're leaving your current job, writing a resignation letter is a nice way to formally offer notice and to remain courteous and professional. Although this isn't always required, it's worth writing out -- especially if you believe there to be an opportunity for any legal hiccups with processing your end of employment paperwork and final paycheck.

How to write a resignation letter?

Writing a resignation letter is not a complex task if done with the right steps and relevant formatting. The main point should be to keep it simple and of a defined length. Without oversharing and keeping it limited to facts will help you write a great letter of resignation.

The steps to writing a resignation are:

1. Start with the main point

There is no need to start with small talk and get directly to the main point, i.e., informing them you are quitting, as you probably already had the leaving conversation with your boss or manager. Of course, not before addressing the employer, HR manager, or whoever is concerned. Like any other letter commencing with a salutation is given. Do not forget to mention the exact date you are stepping down and the job position you are resigning from.

If you want, you can share the reason why you are resigning, but it is not compulsory. Even if you mention the reason, there is no need to go into detail or vent if the circumstances you are leaving the job are not positive.

Remember, the main agenda of writing the resignation letter is to inform them and NOT to brag about your new high-paying position or vent about the unethical culture of the organization. 


Dear [Your employer’s name/HR/Manager's Name],

Please accept this as formal notice that I am resigning from the job role as [Position title] with [Company name] from [date of resignation]. 

2. The Thank You paragraph

Showing gratitude to your former employer for giving you this opportunity to gain experience is a very good way to leave the company on a positive note. Write all the new things you have learned during your working period. Write how this job opportunity helped you advance in your career and also helped you make some good relationships. Even if your time was not that appealing there, try to show them how this experience will help you make good decisions in life and your career in the future.


I want to thank you for providing me with this opportunity that helps me gain experience [Mention a few responsibilities], learn new skills, and grow a positive attitude in my career. I immensely enjoyed my time here. 

3. Offer to complete work during the transition period

In the last paragraph, offer them your assistance during the adjustment period. Ensure that you will wrap up all your work efficiently without leaving any pending work. Without overpromising, tell them your willingness to make the transition period as smooth as possible.


During my last two weeks, I will make sure to wrap up all my pending work and duties. I am also willing to train new team members. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to aid in the transition period.


Dear Mrs Pooja Hegde,

Please accept this letter as formal notice that I am resigning from the job role as a content writer with W marketing agency. My last day will be Monday 15th May.

I am really thankful that you hired me and provided this great opportunity. I have immensely enjoyed and appreciated the experiences I have had with the writing team here for the past 3 years. I have also got the opportunity to learn about content marketing and the fundamental of designing while working along with other members of the marketing department. I am sure that this working time will be of great help throughout my career.

Please let me know if I can provide any kind of assistance during the transition period. I will do my best to wrap up my duties efficiently and, if needed, help in training the new member of the team. I am very grateful for all your guidance. 

I wish you and the company success, and I hope we can stay in touch in the future.

You can reach me at if you have any queries after my departure. 


Pratibha Prajapati 


Hopefully, the information and resignation letter sample above is of some help to you. And if you have quit your job without any other job lining up, then you can check out the Qween website to find the job role you want to apply for. Qween is India's largest online women’s career platform that empowers women by providing flexible, work from home jobs, training, mentorship and networking.

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