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10 Top Skills That You Must Add To Your Resume

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10 Top Skills That You Must Add To Your Resume

When you are applying for a job, the first thing that goes through the recruiter is your resume. It is very important to craft your resume most effectively so that the employer gets a good first impression and passes you for the interview round.

Are you aware that before the human eyes of a recruiter, your resume and CV have to go through a machine known as an applicant tracking system?

ATS is software used by employers and recruiters to filter, collect, scan, and rank the applications for a specific job role to find the best candidate.

And because of this reasoning, it is vital to include relevant keywords in your resume that might help you pass in the ATS-friendly resume category.

Like other sections in a resume, the skill section also possesses a great number of keywords that a recruiter is looking for.

If you are wondering, what are the key skills you should add to your resume? Then let us tell you that the key skills for a resume are a balanced mix of both soft and hard skills. During a survey, it has also been established that about 61% of recruiters consider both soft skills and hard skills equally in a resume to select the best candidate for the job position. 

What are hard skills and soft skills?

Soft skills: The soft skills in a resume refers to the personal qualities and traits an individual holds that will help them prosper in the organization. This skill shows how you are going to handle your own work as well as your teamwork. Soft skills are universal and can be applied to almost all job categories as they are based on general characteristics.

Hard skills: Hard skills are the kind of skills that can be acquired by training and courses. This skill includes abilities and talents that can be measured. Hard skills will differ from one job to another as they fall under the job-specific category.

Both skills are equally needed to land a job and keep going & advancing in your career. Recruiters generally select candidates with a combination of both soft and hard skills.

For instance, if an employer wants to hire a web developer for their company, then the hard skills they would look for will be programming languages and certifications like Java & Python. And on the other hand, the soft skills they will go for are problem-solving, teamwork, and time management. 

We have compiled a list of soft and hard skills that you must add to your resume. 

5 Best Soft Skills For A Resume

1. Communication skills 

Communication skill is one of the most common soft skills for a resume. It includes verbal as well as written communication. All the exchange of ideas and information within and outside the organization falls under communication. Active communication skills involve listening, speaking, perceiving, understanding and criticism. 

2.  Flexibility

With changing dynamics, the employer wants to hire someone who can adapt to different situations showing flexibility. Flexibility involves using distinct measures in various circumstances to get the best solution.

3. Problem-Solving 

There is a possibility of something going wrong in every job and position. With the help of problem-solving skills, your potential employer wants to confirm that you can come up with the best and quick solution if the need arises. The problem-solving process starts by identifying the problem, finding a quick fix, implementing the founded solution, and studying the result for future reference. 

4. Critical thinking

Problem-solving and critical thinking goes hand in hand. Just as problem-solving, critical thinking skills involve the ability to think logically and forecast future possibilities that can cause harm to the smooth functioning of a project or organization as a whole. 

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is a process in which employees come together and utilize their individual skills to achieve a common objective. Being a team player suggests that the person has effective communication, motivation, and a sense of responsibility towards their colleague. In every company, different people work together, where teamwork is crucial.  

5 Best Hard Skills To Add In Your Resume

1. Software and computer skills

These skills can be certified as technical skills, as they deal with all tech-related things. Basic computer knowledge is mandatory for every profession because of the advancement in technology. Everything is computerized nowadays.

Certain jobs will require you to have specific knowledge about some software and applications. Some jobs will demand certifications in languages like Python, Java, and coding. In contrast, other jobs like that of graphic designer will require you to have experience designing and editing software viz., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

2. Analytical skills

Analytical skills are the prowess of collecting data & information to analyze them for better understanding. In every industry, there is a need for data analysis to facilitate the smooth functioning of an organization. It includes paying attention to detail, researching, mining, analyzing, organizing, and evaluating for better decision-making.  

3. Project management skills

Project management skills are all about how an individual with their competencies effectively coordinates the flow of a project from start to the end. Companies use project management tools and software to ensure the project is rightly done and in a given time.

4. Marketing skills

Generally, marketing means selling and promoting goods and services to the targeted customer, and apparently, this skill will be most useful there only. But the definition of marketing doesn't end there. If we talk more broadly, this means identifying the consumer's problems and finding ways to solve them most effectively. And this process requires the involvement of communication as well as analytical skills. It is an ongoing process and never ends. 

5. Administrative skills

Administrative skills include all office-related tasks such as sending Emails, managing calls, responding to business inquiries, organizing, typing up documents, and other activities that ensure the smooth running of the business. 


One thing that you should keep in your mind is to avoid faking any information on your resume. Only mention those skills that resonate with your qualities and can be backed with proof. So, now that you know the key skills for a resume? Go on and land your desired job. 

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