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9 Best Profitable Business Ideas for Diwali with Little Money In 2022

9 Best Profitable Business Ideas for Diwali with Little Money In 2022

India is a country where festivals hold a big value not only culturally but economically as well. And the time of Diwali is one of those festivals in India when people get the opportunity to make a huge sum of money doing a different kind of business.

One of the reasons why people gravitated towards business during the Diwali season is because it is the favorite festival of most of the population and they wait to buy things like Dresses, decorative items, furniture, and electronic equipment during these festive days.

And this Diwali season is also going to be nothing different. According to a report by CAIT around 36% of people living in the urban part of India are estimated to spend more this festival season.

Who would want to let go of such an awesome opportunity? It's a great time for business-minded people to make some extra cash and make their festival more rewarding.

So wondering what kind of business can be done on Diwali? With low-investment? We got you.

In this blog, we are going to share the top 9 business ideas for Diwali that you can start with little money.

9 Best Profitable Business Ideas for Diwali with Little Money in 2022

1. Diwali sweets and snacks

Ever heard of Diwali without sweets? It is the most important part of the festival. So selling sweets and snacks could be a great small business idea that you can start with little money. The best part is you can open and sell your sweets from your home only. It can be a good point of marketing too, as people will be attracted to buy sweets and snacks made at home.

The snacks like, Gujhiya, Namkeen, Laddoo, etc. are highly in demand and people like to buy them instead of preparing them at home this day because of their busy schedules. 

To be more innovative you can also keep the option of healthy snacks for health freaks such as sesame laddoo, dry fruit snacks, and refreshments that are not fried. 

2. Customized gift business

Exchanging gifts is very common during Diwali and you can see it as a great business opportunity. Even though people like to get innovative with their gift ideas, few gift item names cannot be replaced ever like, dry fruit set packages, special chocolates, sweets, etc.

But you can make it a little bit different by adding the option of customized gifts along with these regular items. Some common things that people like to get customized as gifts are photo frames, wall clock, art hampers, Diya set, candle set, God and Goddess idols, etc. And if you are someone with a creative streak we are sure you will add some really creative options to your shop. 

3. Decorative pieces selling

Cleaning and decorating the house are common rituals during Diwali. And that's why selling decorative items can be a good business idea. You can give it a start with small items like Diya, toran, stickers, etc. One more famous and profitable option is opening a lighting business as everyone loves to decorate their houses both inside and outside with colorful and different shape lights. 

For this business idea, you can either install a shop or can also sell the items through online means. 

4. Mehndi and Rangoli service

In India girls and women likes to apply mehndi in their hands to add more color to the festival. Some of the population also consider it a sign of good luck during celebrations. But applying a good mehndi design is an art and not everybody can do it. So if you are good at making mehndi then you should definitely give it a try to make some side income. 

One more practice that is considered a sign of positivity during Diwali is Rangoli. Women draw big and small rangolis according to their preference in the courtyard or front of their house. So this can also be a good option for you. People are all about aesthetics nowadays and would even spend thousands of rupees for good rangoli. 

5. Jewelry and clothing selling

Women during Diwali love to dress up and wear different jewelry. And why wouldn't they, it's a celebration after all. Keeping this in mind you can buy different artificial accessories and clothing items wholesale and sell them to your locality and city. Both items can be sold from home as well as you can sell them by opening a separate shop too. 

6. Video and Photography

Festivals are the time when people want to make memories and what's the best way of doing so other than photos and videos? You can offer video and photography services to families and individuals who want to celebrate their moments together.

7. Diwali event planner

It is very common for people in India to organize Diwali events and pre-Diwali events. So starting a business as a Diwali event planner or coordinator can be the best option for you. In this business, you will need to put together an exciting Diwali event with the arrangements like decoration, games, food and snacks, gifts for guests, etc. This business idea wouldn't have to be a one-time thing but you can carry it along for other events too.

8. Flower and Garland selling

Flowers and Garland have great importance in almost all Indian festivals. You can adopt this business idea and sell different kinds of flowers and garlands to make some extra money on the side.

9. Religious necessity things selling

Diwali is not only about decoration, sweets, gifts, and crackers, but a huge part of this festival is the worship of Goddess Laxmi and Ganesh. People will need to buy items necessary for the Pooja and selling those items can be a good business option. 


No business idea can come alive in one day, it will take you at least a few days or weeks to prepare everything to open that business. With every New Year, people come up with new ideas and new concepts but remember that the real essence cannot be old ever. Few things will always remain the same and so will these common business ideas that we shared.


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