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5 Best Low Investment Online Business Ideas for Women in India

5 Best Low Investment Online Business Ideas for Women in India

As Michelle Obama once said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”. And what she said is absolutely right. Today women of the entire world have not left a step unmarked by their victories in both personal and professional life.

In this modern era, women are not only career-oriented but creators of many new ventures too. Entrepreneurship is something that women are taking great interest in nowadays and for all good reasons. 

According to a survey done by the Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, out of 43 countries and territories taken for research purposes, India gets 9th place with 2.6% of women involved in entrepreneurial activities. 

Getting into the top 10 list is a good indication that it is possible for every woman to start their own venture. There are females in India who have a natural business mind and innovative ideas to enter the world of entrepreneurship, but the thought of investment and funding brings trouble into paradise.

There is a common belief that to start a business or enterprise you need a lot of investment, and it is somewhat true but this statement can be contradicted too. In today's era where everything is turning online or working from home, it is possible to start your business with low investment also.

So what are the low investment business ideas that a woman can start? 

Let’s find that out with the options given below.

5 best low-investment online business ideas for women

1. Selling handmade items online

This option is one of the best online as well as low investment business ideas for women in 2022. Starting an online business doesn't mean that all the work has to be digital. There are a few options where you can incorporate both digital and physical means together. And selling crafts and handmade items is one of them. During the pandemic, lots of women brought out their creative sides and started selling necessary items like masks through online sources.

Let's see a few examples of what kind of items you can possibly start your online business with. 

  • Handmade Jewelry

  • Scented candles

  • Unique decorative items

  • Eating items like Papad, pickles, jam, diet food, etc. 

  • Organic soaps

  • Accessories like belts and shoes

  • Clothing items

  • Cosmetics and makeup

  • And all the other creative and unique things that you as a woman want to introduce this world with and make a name for yourself.

But how do you sell it? As your business is online you will open your shop digitally too. You can go ahead by opening a shop in the global online marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, Big Cartel, etc. These online platforms are created specifically to bring people together to sell and buy items. 

Other than that you can create your own website for your business, actually, we will advise you to do that as it is important for an online business to have some kind of permanent virtual presence, and also you will be able to market your product and service through social media platforms more effectively.   

2. Create and sell digital products

Now, this is different from selling handmade products as you can tell by the name digital products. So what are digital products? A digital product is any product that doesn’t have any physical form and can be sold online. It is generally created with the help of software and applications.

Here is the list of profitable digital products that you can sell:

  • eBooks

  • Online courses

  • Templates 

  • Logo making and other design work

  • Stock photography

  • Downloadable Prints and stickers

  • Music and background audio

And many more options depending on your talent and expertise. 

3. YouTube channel

A lot of ladies are already aware of this option. Starting a YouTube channel is a very creative and fun option. There are many choices of ideas for you to start a YouTube channel as a full-time career such as food recipe channel, educational channel, thrift store channel, cartoon channel, life, and mom hacks, makeup tutorial, skincare, etc. You can also start vlogging as it is very trending nowadays too. You won’t need much investment here, just a microphone and camera or a good quality mobile camera will also do.

4. Social media manager

Social media managers are those who oversee and run all the social media accounts of a company or an individual. In this digital world, there is a great importance of social media presence for every company. It is the duty of a social media manager to create social media campaigns, create content, increase followers, reply to comments, run advertisements, etc. 

Here also you don't need much investment other than time. It is important to note that taking a basic introductory course will help get started if you are an absolute newbie.  

5. Blogging and freelance writing

Blogging and freelance writing are the most convenient and low-investment online business ideas for women. The bonus point is that you can decide your own schedule according to your flexibility. During the pandemic period, lots of mothers and female students have started blogging websites on their expertise topics. All you have to do is choose a niche that you are confident about, build and customize a website and write the article. Along with being low-cost friendly, it is fun too. 

You can start a blog on food, travel, finance, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, academic things, beauty, photography, etc. There are lots of options for you to choose from. 

Another option similar to blogging is freelance writing. Being a freelancer means that you are your own boss. Here you will have different types of content for your clients like social media content, web content, blog content, technical content, etc. you will have the freedom to choose which type of content you are an expert in. You will get paid by the clients to create and deliver the content. 

Bottom line

See! It's possible, isn't it? But we can't neglect one thing every business big or small will require time, patience, and talent to carry on. You can't just start a social media management agency without having the required skills and certification. So what you have to do is to get prepared fully before diving into it.

Ready with your business idea, but don't know how to accumulate investment and funds? Well, we have got something to help you. You can join Women Entrepreneurship and Conclave Awards 2022 (WECA) where you will get to pitch your startup and business ideas to investors. So what are waiting for? Register now!

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