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Women Entrepreneurship and Conclave Awards 2022 (WECA)

Women Entrepreneurship and Conclave Awards 2022 (WECA)

India is an economically growing country and the women's community along with others has a very big hand in it. Gone were the days when women used to sacrifice their careers to manage home life and family. 

It's safe to say that it was what people expected from them, but the woman of the 21st century knows their worth and power of self-dependency. And they are moving towards achieving the same with full determination and enthusiasm.

From normal office jobs, teaching jobs, technical jobs, and medical jobs to freelancing and entrepreneurship, you name it, they are entering every possible and impossible field.

And this point can be backed by the survey that shows us that in India about 15 million businesses are owned by women entrepreneurs and also provide employment opportunities to 30 million people.

See! Not only are they taking the reigns of their career, but giving direction to others' careers too. For women being self-employed doesn't only constitute earning money, but respect and dignity also.   

It is also for us as a society and community to understand that we should not only support but encourage women in this pursuit through our direct and indirect efforts.

And to follow through this extremity, QWEEN has taken an initiative to acknowledge and celebrate the women entrepreneurs and business leaders who are growing, inspiring, and educating other female populations of India.

How? By organizing an award event in Mumbai where we are going to appreciate and award the female entrepreneurs and influential personalities of Maharashtra. But it doesn't end there. There is more to this exhilarating event. 

Let’s dive deeper and get to know more about this event.

What is women entrepreneurship and conclave awards 2022?

The women entrepreneurship and conclave awards 2022 or WECA is an exclusive, invite-only event for women entrepreneurs. This whole event encompasses the growth and development of women-led businesses and startups.  

Through this event, we are aiming to build a common platform for women entrepreneurs and startup leaders to encourage the entrepreneurial essence, share knowledge and experiences from established womenpreneur and award the influencing and inspiring female personalities of Maharashtra.

The women entrepreneurs of India with their conscious efforts to build a business and startups, contribute a great deal to the economic and social development of our country, and with WECA we are celebrating and appreciating them and their revolutionary ideas.

Why are we organizing this event and how will it benefit you?

As we mentioned before WECA is organized to award the leading personalities of female entrepreneurship. But the purpose of this event doesn't end there. The ceremony is a good networking opportunity for other women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup owners.

Another reason for you to join this event is that you get the chance to gain knowledge and advice from experienced entrepreneurs who are already in business and have something worth sharing with others.

Women entrepreneurs can share their journey stories with the world on how they started their business, what drove them to do that and how they accomplished that. There will be a lot of debate and panel discussions that will enhance your knowledge. 

The real deal that you gain from this event is that you get to pitch your startup and VCs to investors and raise funds for your business or startup. So if you are someone who was waiting for such an opportunity, make sure you grab it.

We also have the exhibition part to this affair for you to showcase your products & services and make your case more promising. 

Highlights of the event

  • Connecting with more than 500 entrepreneurs 
  • Motivational speeches
  • Investor Startup Meet
  • Launch of women entrepreneurs Incubation Centre
  • Panel Discussion with prominent personalities
  • Meet and greet with more than 200 exclusive women entrepreneurs
  • An Award show felicitating 20 strong womens 

1) Mrs. Sunanda Tai Pawar - Social Activist Baramati
2) Mrs. Pooja Bhasin - Bollywood Fashion Designer
3) Mr. Sunil Pathare - Chairman & MD -  VIP Clothing
4) Dr. Rekha Chaudhry - Global Wellness Ambassador
5) Shri Devendra Fadanvis - Deputy CM –Maharashtra (Tentative)

How to participate?

Participating in this event is nothing to hassle about. You can register yourself by filling up the form here! And the information about further proceedings will be provided to you after that. 


The event will be held in Mumbai on 2nd October 2022.

We have limited seats. Book your entry now because you can’t miss this one in a lifetime opportunity. 

Get more details here -

Registration Link -




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