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Top 9 skills needed to become a social media marketer in 2023

Top 9 skills needed to become a social media marketer in 2023

Social media is a necessity for companies, small businesses, startups, and individuals nowadays. Social media marketing is considered a very impactful tool that helps all of us in more than one way. They are the platforms where we can connect directly with our target customers and engage meaningfully. 

According to a report, the number of active social media users in India is around 467 million and these numbers can show how great it can be beneficial for a business or brand.

Identifying the increasing demand for social media marketing and its advantages, the job position of social media marketer has picked up speed in the professional world. And it is understandable too, seeing that being a social media marketer is a fun, challenging, and ever-growing marketing job position. 

Before diving further into the topic let's understand what social media marketing means. 

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing where we use various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to create a brand identity, make connections, increase brand awareness, get more traffic to the website and make sales. 

Who is a social media marketer and what do they do?

Social media marketer is someone who does the job of social media marketing. They market the company's product and service to their targeted customer. They will be responsible for different tasks, creating new strategies and campaigns, managing the budget on social media, uploading relevant posts, advertising, analyzing performance, replying to the comments and queries of the audience, etc.

Now that we are clear about the concepts of social media marketing and social media marketer, let's see what skills are needed to be a successful marketer.

 Top 9 skills needed to be a social media marketer in 2022

1. Communication

Although communication is an important skill to possess for almost any job out there, it is mandatory to become a social media marketer. Since you will be directly engaging with the audience and representing the company or brand, it is given that you will need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. It doesn't end here, you will also need to communicate with your organization's colleagues, team members, and clients.

2. Copywriting

Writing is one of the main components used in social media marketing. There is more than one social media platform for different purposes and with different types of audiences. And every platform will need varied types of content to be written which will make them a relevant connection with the right audience. For instance, LinkedIn will need a more professional type of content than Instagram which will do with an easy and fun-going approach. Your copywriting skills will also be an important factor in grabbing the attention of the relevant targeted customer.

3. Creativity

When you are dealing with social media, creativity is the most vital attribute to consider. Remember when the content gets repetitive people tend to get bored and most probably will unfollow or unsubscribe from the brand. So social media marketers will need to come up with new ideas & creative campaigns, get updated with the latest trends, and think out of the box will help them retain the attention of their audience. 

4. Research

There is more to social media marketing than just engaging and posting updates. The social media market is more dynamic than we know. Researching the respective market of the brand is an important step to take. Every day new people are added to the network, existing users change their points of view, algorithms change and new trends are introduced. You will also need to research how different platforms work according to their nature. You will need to optimize your content not only for mobile but websites also.

5. Designing

A social media marketer needs to have a good hand in the design aspect also. There are indeed smartphones with great features and other editing apps that provide good assistance to a marketer, but a touch of your own creativity is important in social media which will differentiate you from your competitors. Taking good pictures, and designing posts are obvious skills but you should also be able to put forward entertaining videos for their brand too.

6. Fundamentals of paid ad campaigns

One thing that makes you a successful social media marketer is that you need to know about in and out of social media a little more than others. And among that getting to know about the fundamentals of paid ad campaigns is an absolute requirement. The main things you need to know about the campaigns are how are you going to create the ad? Who is your target audience? What difference and outcome will your ads provide? How much money is going to be spent on the said ad? There are many more objectives of an ad campaign but these questions will give you an idea of what to expect.

7. Analytics

Along with carrying out different duties and responsibilities as a social media marketer, you will also need to track the performance and results of your actions. There are dozens of tools and software invented for the purpose of which helps in tracking the accomplishment of social media content. It is important to know how the posts are working and if there are any measures required which will help in increasing the efficiency of content. Tracking the content also helps you in deciding what should be what should not be done in coming strategies and campaigns.

8. Marketing 

Marketing is the main component of social media marketing. Here you are using social media to market the product, service, or brand. So it is given that marketing skill is required. You do not need to have any degree or masters in marketing for that but the basics of marketing is non-negotiable. 

9. Flexibility

Changes are constant in the world of social media so the social media marketer will need to have flexibility. Someone who can adapt to changes easily and deal with constant alternating trends and norms will make a good marketer.


The world of social media is bigger than most of us think and know. But to start the journey these are a few skills a social media marketer or manager will need. 

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