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Top 8 Powerful Career Strategies For Women To Grow

Top 8 Powerful Career Strategies For Women To Grow

There was a time in India when women and careers in one sentence were considered to be foreign. Overcoming all the challenges, today's women's community is not only making their own careers but also inspiring other women to do so. 

Women are participating in almost all fields and industries namely, corporate jobs, the medical sector, teaching, scientists, startups, entrepreneurship, etc. However, there are times when career blocks appear, like during the Covid-19 pandemic. A report shows that there was a drop in the percentage of women workforce in India by 9% due to the crisis. There were multiple reasons for the numbers steeping like lockdown, laying off, lack of work-life balance, health issues, etc.

But the decreasing number doesn't change the fact that the topic of careers for women is very important in 2022 and the coming years. There are successful women who are making their name in their respective professions. 

And for females of India who have paused their careers for some reason, thinking of restarting their career, just starting over, or even carrying out their existing occupation, there are many career strategies that could help them advance their career and grow. 

So without wasting any more time let's see what are the career strategy for women to grow their careers.

Top 8 powerful career strategies for women to grow

1. Make sure to update your resume regularly 

This is the most common and important career strategy any woman could apply to grow their career. Say you have multiple opportunities in your field but without a well-written and optimized resume, you most probably won't be able to take advantage of them. The professional market is very competitive and there is a lot of talent available for companies to hire, so it is vital for job-seekers to showcase their skills and qualifications well to get selected. Use an ATS-friendly resume with relevant keywords related to your profession and expertise. In case you have taken a career gap be honest and transparent about it, no need to hide. Adding certifications, volunteering, and internships will also be plus points. 

2. Build your network and create your personal brand

In the year 2022, creating their personal brand is a very important career strategy for women to grow their careers. You can say that building your personal brand is trending in the professional world no matter what your occupation is. A career for women is very important and needs lots of hard work, so why not make it smart work too? With effective personal branding, you can find several opportunities that resonate with your working conditions, be it full-time, part-time, freelancing, or on a contract basis. Networking is an equally important component of your career and also an effective catalyst for personal branding. Professional platforms like LinkedIn are created for networking purposes only and you should definitely take advantage of that by making an optimized profile. 

3. Do the planning

Doing things without planning is like shooting arrows without any aim. And that’s why we have included this career strategy in the list. Although career planning is important for everyone but more so for women because they have overcome more twists and turns in their careers. If you do the planning, write down your goals, and execute them efficiently it will not only help to stay on track but also act as a roadmap on what action you should take next. So the point is to do the planning.

4. Seek a mentor’s feedback

Including a mentor in your career strategy can be very useful. In our personal lives, we seek advice and guidance from someone who is more experienced than us. Same way for your career also a mentor can act as a guide and help you grow in your career. It can be someone senior from your organization, some expert or leader in your field that you connected with while networking, or someone from your family or friend circle. 

5. Maintain work-life balance

After the pandemic maintaining a work-life balance is the ultimate career strategy that everyone should follow. Especially for women who undertake the responsibility of home and family, it is important to find a balance between your work and personal life. The ones who are working from home get more burnout than others because the line between completing work hours and completing house duties fades and productivity is hindered. Plan both parts of your life separately, define working hours, decide a time to complete house chores, and maintain a balance between both. 

6. Learn new skills and technologies

There is always some kind of change or upgrade happening with technology and you should make sure to remain updated about the same. For example, during the pandemic, because everything went digital we have to familiarize ourselves with software and application that will make our work-from-home journey convenient and easy. We learned about video conferencing applications and other software as well. Perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for yourself to know what skills you need to work on. Communication is a skill that plays a generic role in any job position and everyone should practice it too. 

7. Review your progress

To know what career strategy to use at which point in your professional life you need to review your progress periodically. It also helps you know how much you have accomplished and what step is next to take.

8. Be persistent and confident

In order to make your career successful you have to be persistent no matter what stage you are in. If you want a promotion work for it without giving up if you want to change your career do all the work required for it without getting intimidated if you want to achieve any specific goal in your career just go for it. Projecting confidence is also a very good strategy that can help you grow your career. You need to speak for yourself and to be heard. Speak and present your viewpoints slowly as fast-talking shows your nervousness. Learn to say no when necessary. 

Bottom line

So these were a few career strategies for women that can help them advance in their professional life. Other than that common steps like being kind to others, helping your colleagues, and inspiring other women to build their career is something that can increase your value. 

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