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6 Tips For Women Returning To Work After A Career Break

6 Tips For Women Returning To Work After A Career Break

So, you have hit a pause on your career for some reason. Whatever the reason is, it’s just a pause and not a full stop and you are definitely not alone. Taking a career break is not something out of ordinary for both women and men. 

Many females take a break for one or another reason, but the most common is for taking care of their children.

According to a survey, about 78% of working women are taking career breaks for multiple purposes like planning career change, improving well-being, boosting confidence, upskilling, etc.

And once the purpose of the break is done & dealt with, most women want to return back on track. But, the fear of the unknown and lack of confidence discourage them to do so efficiently.   

But as Ryan Kahn said, “Starting over is the opportunity to come back better than before.”

And that’s what you should do, start over with confidence. But it can’t be that easy for everyone. Some might need more time and effort than others. Crossing the bridge named career gap is more mental work than physical.

We are sharing a few career break tips for women who took a temporary gap in their careers to help them get back to work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

Let’s dive straight into it!


1. Evaluate your job needs

Doing groundwork is important. Do not begin the process directly by searching for jobs, but first evaluate the kind of job you want. Be clear on, do you want to re-start the former work you used to do? Or you want to pursue some other career option. 

And the most important point, what do you want from this job? What are your expectations in terms of salary, working hours, commute or work from home, etc? 

Assess the situation, for example, if you are a new mother you might prefer a more flexible and remote job so that you can maintain both work and personal life fully together.

And once you have answers to this question then only move forward. 

2. Get in terms with your career gap

Believe that you have taken a career gap and you have to be honest about it. If you keep dodging the question about the break or want to have an easy way out of it by answering something vague, then trust us when we tell you that situation might go south pretty soon.

Of course, you don't have to go into full detail, just telling the authentic reason is enough. For instance, people take a gap to re-think their career choices, to take care of their old parents, or simply want to take a break and catch a breather. 

Being honest with your career break also includes how you took advantage of that time. That can be done by learning new skills, volunteering in a shelter, or even doing some kind of part-time job. This is very helpful to put a positive light on your break time. 

3. Learn new skills and re-learn your industry

If you want to carry on your work in the same industry, then polishing the existing knowledge and skills is a very vital process. Do a thorough Google search on duties & responsibilities and salary trends of the job. Get in touch with people who are in the same industry as yours. Join social media sites like LinkedIn and start socializing with same-minded people. All in all, establish meaningful and useful connections.

If you are someone who wants to entirely change your career option, then learning new skills and getting yourself prepared for that career is the best choice. Earning a certification in a specific field is the best way of showing your dedication toward that changed career option. It also showcases your credibility in the eye of the potential employer. 

Also, women returners need to understand that with digitalization the world has become technically dynamic and learning skills like IT, handling computer software and digital marketing can be very helpful to them. 

4. Prepare your resume

Ok, you need to make your resume look impressive. Obviously with relevant and authentic information. While revamping your resume make sure to include specific industry and job-related keywords. Design your resume according to the needs of your job description and company requirements. 

You might know that nowadays recruiters use resume scanning software called Applicant tracking system. So ensure to make your resume ATS friendly by including certain keywords. 

Do your research and add skills that align with your qualities and the job requirement. 

And not to forget to fill up the career gap with relevant activities that you have done, if possible.

5. Prepare for interview

The interview is the last step you need to clear to get hired for your desired job and messing it up is not an option. So make sure to do your homework on the company, job role requirements, and interview questions and get thoroughly prepared for it. 

Try watching mock interview videos and research the type of question you might get from an interviewer. Be sure to gain knowledge on all the happenings in your industry to avoid any blank look answers. The better you are prepared for the interview, the more confident you will appear. And confidence rarely lets us down. 

6. Be confident

Now you need to understand that you should not get embarrassed, apologetic, and under-confident regarding your career gap. We know it can cause anxiousness, but you have done nothing wrong. 

Just because you took a gap for a year or two, it doesn't make you less qualified or misfit for the job. Only when you get this thought out of your head, you will be able to gain the confidence needed to cross the hurdle to career break is a disadvantage stigma. 

And once you do it, you will realize how easy it was. 


Nothing is too difficult for a woman with purpose. And we are sure our women community can very conveniently overcome the hurdle of the career gap with help of these tips that we have shared. If any women out there have some tips to add to the list, we would like to hear. Do share your thoughts in the comment section!

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