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Why I Work from home- Candid Confessions

Work From Home
Why I Work from home- Candid Confessions

I often get asked this question that why do I prefer working from home over going to work?

So I decided to make some confessions out here where most women who are working- from-home like me would nod away their heads, and hopefully, with this candor, I would be able to convince the other half who are yet to take the plunge will be motivated to at least give it a try.

  1. When I started, I made – Nothing!! I started with no expectations of getting paid. You heard it right, after working in the corporate sector for 10 years, I had no hopes that a) I will get a decent job working from home b) It will even cover the cost of my internet. I always wanted to do what I liked, and I always had this fear that doing what you love is never going to pay for your bills. In my early days, I only focused on learning opportunities, so that I had a strong base over time. And that’s what happened!
  2. I had no clue what I was doing could be done on a sustainable basis- I tried my hands at a lot many things when I started working from home, basically I spread and stretched myself to as many things possible so that when it is all over, I would know where I stand and what will be a good balance between what I like doing, and what does pay me a respectable amount for my time.
  3. Going back was no option- I had made up my mind about a few things, I would not go back to my job, and I would not get into sales. I always wanted to remain in the background, and never wanted to be someone whom people will shy away from the moment she walked in- lest she pitches another product! Much as I wanted to, sales didn’t leave me, but still, I restricted myself to give in to faster money in the initial days by resisting becoming a retailer or reseller.
  4. I trained as much as I could- I still do!- I decided to take online training, offline workshops, seminars, webinars, read about whatever field I was getting into, and gave my best. If it was about reviews and audits, I learned what they were online, read lots of guides and resources, and then dug my heels and did it religiously for as long as I could bear. If it still didn’t work out I would move on.
  5. I would bounce off ideas with a best friend or a support group – Often, I would get passionate about one thing, gave it all, and then realize that the money I was making was not even sufficient to cover my fuel expenses! But since I would always end up loving whatever I was doing, learning to say no was a long, painful process. I had a support group and my friends to bounce off my ideas. I would ask them if they thought it was worth my time and energy. My husband would always be very supportive of this decision. Without getting judgmental or making fun of it, my network would help me quit doing what I was doing without getting into a mess, and focus my energies on something else which would at least give me satisfaction.
  6. I persisted, so I prevailed- I made sure I would keep doing what I loved, and when there was a small opening, I would be the first one to apply. I kept my deck of work, published URLs, important emails, and my CV always ready. It helped me in applying to the jobs as soon as they got published. My mailbox used to be full with email templates which I could use without wasting my time. Most Work-From-Home opportunities have a small shelf life, and a large number of people apply for them. Those who apply first, are well organized, prepared, and already doing something or have undergone training are most likely to be selected. Common sense, isn’t it?
  7. I categorized working hour zones- Most often, work-from-home women are asked about their schedules in detail. Initially, I simply could not draw a boundary and could never convincingly answer the question because I didn’t know how much time I would be able to consistently give to my work. Not anymore. I now know I have some working hour zones which are totally uninterrupted and these zones are tried to maximize my productivity on. The other times, I simply try and glide through the work which does not really require a lot of attention. So as I am writing this heartfelt blog at 5 am in the morning, this is the time I find myself most creative and flooded with ideas. As the day progresses, the routine life takes over and everything has its own time. My workout, a quick nap and even a cup of coffee with a friend, all has a slot. I am somewhere in the middle of half time working, other half finishing chores. But I rest easy because I have about 3 to 4 safe one hour work zones during the day.
  8. I take one day at a time and don’t fret over the past- I don’t look back, because I don’t have to go that way. I plan my work schedule a day in advance while I am going through anything. It need not be something in detail, but I write down things that I have to do the next day. Whenever I come across something interesting that I can use for my work, I mail it to myself, and when I am running low on creative juices, I simply borrow from these stashed references to sail through the day. I do not break my head over how pathetic I am anymore. I just move on.

Work-From-Home has always been perceived as a step lower than a regular 9 to 5 job. But to say it is easier than working at office is like living in a fool’s world.

A woman working from home has to prioritize a lot more than an office goer who simply tosses all her household work and other chores for the weekend. A work-from-home mother becomes more disciplined with the way she allocates time to every aspect of her life- children, home, family and work.

But it does give you a sense of control like nothing else, and if you get an authentic work-from-home opportunities provider like QWEEN, you will definitely enjoy the elation you feel when money gets credited in your bank, every time!




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Rupali Goshalia Reply

October 04, 2020

I am exploring a retainer based consultancy. Please guide gurther

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