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Telecalling- How your phone can be your ATM, a Work-From-Home Opportunity with zero investment!

Work From Home
Telecalling- How your phone can be your ATM, a Work-From-Home Opportunity with zero investment!

Its rare that we get an opportunity this big to work -from-home. It doesn’t need any investment, except for your free time.

Telecalling or telemarketing is one such field. Over a period of time, with the penetration of internet, it has become more or less the only point of contact between corporations and their customers.

Setting up a call centre and having an army of telecallers to do the job is not everyone’s forte, and so many companies, SMEs, and organisations rely on telecallers who can operate from home or on a part-time or project basis. It helps cut costs, and also helps in getting the message across to customers without investing a lot of capital in setting up a call centre.

Even after so many marketing possibilities through social media, print media and mobile chat portals, companies still consider tele calling an important marketing strategy.

Here is why it is still relevant for marketers

  1. It helps in reaching one-to-one to the customers- Instead of broadcasting a message, one to one conversation gives more insights to marketers about their target market
  2. Its more direct and gives live feedback- This is direct approach, where a customer is made aware of the products available, and hence can be used as an effective tool
  3. It is cost effective- More and more marketers are realising that direct tele-calling is more effective and gives instant results instead of spreading their advertising budget and reach thin across various mediums. It helps to connect with the target market, without spending too much as cost of making a call is very low compared to creating adverts, paying advertising fee etc.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more companies these days prefer the tele-marketing route over the other mediums.


How does it work?

A telecaller is expected to make calls, a work-from-home telecaller would ideally be expected to have her own mobile phone/ landline and also a computer and internet connection. Most companies provide their own database to be tapped. These days the companies provide facilities like call recording by  routing your calls to their database to a server which records the calls.Payouts are really rewarding , as the caller is paid for each successful call made.

Why would they prefer you over a call centre?

We all have attended calls from routine call centres, and we all know how we have blocked these calls, or have got irritated at their lack of knowledge, even the lack of command over language! We understand that the call centres routinely hire freshers, who are just out of college, and lack confidence and effective communication skills for the real world. Having been at the receiving end of these calls yourself, you know how difficult it is to be efficient as well as effective in the first 20-30 seconds of the call.

Companies usually provide full training to you in the field of their products and services, and this equips you even better to handle these calls.

Finally, when you are making calls from your own home using your own equipment ( bills for the particular sim card are generally fully reimbursed), the companies make a huge saving on call centre infrastructure as well as hiring charges.

How does it help me?

  1. Work -From-Home- You can work from home at your own pace and convenience. You are given a set target of calls to be made each day, and as you go along, you realise you can do better! Payments are made per successful call and this helps in utilising your free time in a productive manner
  2. Zero Investment- All you have to do is get a separate number ( QWEEN recommends having a separate number for these projects for your own safety and privacy) which you can use to make these calls. Your phone could be used, and location could even be the balcony of your home or a peaceful corner!
  3. Hone your communication skills- Trust us, we know that your confidence levels hit a new low when you are not working , or are not interacting with complete strangers on a regular basis. Calling up people and interacting with them in English or any other language helps you connect with the outside world, and brush up your communication skills. It also helps in thinking on your feet, as most of our experienced callers will tell you, when you are able to convince a customer from negative to positive, you realise the power of your speech!
  4. Potential to join the companies- All companies look for talent on a regular basis. If you have been on a career break or have been away from the industry for a while, this presents you with an excellent opportunity to get noticed. Who knows, you could be asked to join their marketing department or training department for telecallers!
  5. Not a binding commitment- If you are not the type who could stick with a particular type of job,You can do this work on a project basis, and get experience along with getting paid.
  6. No additional skills required- Your background could be arts or science, literature or architecture, nothing else is needed ,except for being a good communicator,

All this is really good, How do I start?

You can start by logging on to our website and selecting telecalling as preferred work -from-home opportunity. If you are a member of any of our whatsapp groups, you could get in touch with us there and ask to join in . You must update your profile on our website, so you could be contacted as soon as an opportunity arises.

QWEEN has  projects going live soon, and we are in the process of sourcing a team. So do join us today!




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