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The five kind of business women you will find everywhere

The five kind of business women you will find everywhere

The five kind of business women you will find everywhere- have you got your own list of these irksome-quirksome?

Kiara walked in the office and stomped her bag on the table. “I have had it !!!” She exclaimed!

Wondering what got the raw nerve of this otherwise sweet and wonderful QWEEN, I tenderly approached her..” What happened?” I asked. “Something got you on your way to work?” and despite my best intentions, I couldn’t hide smirk in my voice. ‘Must be a difficult client or the traffic or may be the maid’ I presumed.What followed was a laugh riot when she told me about a networking event she had attended the other day. Read on as I give you the sneak peek into what exactly got her this time..

Kiara’s top 5 categories of businesswomen/entrepreneurs

  1. The Drama Queen- Well, she is just that, a drama queen. Period. She has a lot to bear every single day while she paddles her business to you. The reasons for delay in her services or product deliveries are just short of a catastrophe, largely a personal one- like her son having a “severe” cold, or may be martians just attacked her home! Whatever it is, be prepared to hear the saga of endless woes with a tissue-box in hand , as it will always be some long winding story
  2. The Businessman Woman- The woman in this category will always be having a guy’s approach to business. Rolled up sleeves, shooting expletives,sometimes even at clients – comes naturally to her. Her ego is up there in the sky and in her head she is already a business tycoon. This woman will always be ready to pounce at the smallest feedback with the vengeance of a Viking. Be ready to have an earful from her no matter it is targeted at you or someone else.
  3. The I-me-myself woman- Agreed, it takes a lot of guts , hard work and determination to start a business. An off shoot of drama queen, this type of businesswomen will always try to project their businesses. For them, they come first, always. They can promote their color coded tissue box delivery business at a wedding ceremony and a funeral with equal ease! After all, people are going to cry when the bride or mortal remains are sent off, right? These women will always want to piggyback their way to business on an event. So be prepared if they drop their business cards or even their wares at your promotion desk at an event !
  4. The Diva-Goddess- This businesswoman will have a condescending look. She will always look down on you as a lesser mortal, someone who is the lowliest insect on the planet. Or probably she will completely ignore you, telling you through her high nose- that you really don’t deserve to have her product or even worthy of inquiring about the service. She , with her perfectly manicured hands, designer bags, coiffed hair, and a thing for tongue –rolled “R”s will always be the center of attention, never mind that all she deals in is a range of lunch boxes !
  5. The Alpha Female- This one is our favourite. Her kids go to best school, husband has 7 figure salary, drives the latest sports sedan, holidays every 3 months in exotic destinations (how do we know, Facebook and selfies! ) she really doesn’t need the money and she says so, and she is doing the business as a favour to all of us so we could benefit from her benevolence. This woman is very hard to please, and she will throw all her weight behind herself to ensure you do not leave without buying what she has to offer, just because she is the best!

As for what category had irked my fellow QWEEN that day, well, keep guessing, better, leave a comment with your funny stories about any of these business women you have met ! Err… do you belong to one of these categories too! ðŸ˜‰

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