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A friend for Life!

A friend for Life!

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She had lots of friends in school, to play, celebrate birthdays and every small milestone they shared, go on picnics, go to each other’s homes on those long summer afternoons and talk non-stop about a zillion things.

Schools got over, each friend started their own journey in life, career, family, and other relationships pushed friendship at the backseat. Old friends were forgotten, their memories just a distant fading memory in heart, with only a couple of them still remaining in touch.

Today, life has changed for all of us. With social media, old and new friends have made a comeback from the past. Whatsapp and other social media groups have made sure we are back in touch with our old friends whom we have never met in ages, but do they really know the kind of person we are now?

Except for a handful, we are rarely aware what’s going on in each other’s’ lives. Biggest of all, do they need us, and can they do something about what we need from them in terms of their time and support?

What could you do?

Try and cultivate a genuine friendship. True, every friendship at a grown up level will originate from some common platform, whether you go to same gym, or your kids go to same school, or maybe you go to the same grocery shop, or part of a women’s network.

If you take a step forward, chances are you would find the other person is also feeling the same need of having someone to talk to, to share thoughts, fears, apprehensions. So, it’s all about taking that one step.

A true friend nurtures you, protects you, gives you his opinion but never impose his choice on you, and even if they are right and you are wrong, they stand by you like a rock.

For every failure, a friend offers a helping hand, a gentle nudge, and that much needed confidence- “Yes, you can do it”

Try and be a friend to somebody without judging and any expectations in return.Do not let your ego destroy this beautiful relationship. You will thank yourself for such a beautiful relationship in your life, whenever you would look back, these friends would guide you, if you are doing the right thing, they will applaud, and even when you fail, they will always be there to fall back on, to encourage you to keep trying and do better next time.

True friendships make you a better person, so try and nurture one!





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