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5 things only Indian women have to deal with

5 things only Indian women have to deal with

India is a country of paradoxes. Steeped in age old customs and traditions, yet modern in its outlook. Men and women actually do come from Mars and Venus respectively, at least in our country.

There are certain quirky and outrageous things only Indian women have to deal with…

  • In-Laws home is your home- All Married Indian women, are expected to either move in , or consider in-laws as their parents the day they get engaged. It is odd, considering husbands never deem it fit to consider likewise. All women have to make sure they let go of all their rights, affection and attachment to their parental home, and walk in to an alien home, accept it wholeheartedly over night, without expecting anything in return.
  • Double standards- When a women drinks or smokes, she is of lose character. A woman dressed in short clothes is inviting trouble for herself. A woman who is working late at work is probably going around with her colleagues, while her male counterpart is burning the midnight oil to bring bread home.
  • Pushy, ogling perverts in public places- If you are standing in a queue, someone is bound to push you, trying to get more of you. Staring at others is a national pastime in our country. If you are slightly over or under dressed, this staring becomes blatant ogling, by men and women alike. If you resist, it is bound to create a ruckus, where more people will join the starers.
  • Glass ceiling due to marriage and maternity- Most Indian employers, irrespective of their MNC roots, would be interested in knowing when are you getting married, and would you “be allowed to” continue working after marriage. Married women are asked about their maternity prospects, as if they would know when their wombs are ready and would get an email in their mail box when they conceive. No such questions for Indian Males and so called eligible bachelors though
  • Being ignored for your knowledge and ability- If you know about cricket more than your male partner, god help you, you can never have a decent discussion with men about something that they consider women know nothing about. Cricket, gadgets, cars, Formula one, these are all male territories, and if you know and try to show off, they will pretend they are deaf. Best way to negate someone’s intelligence is not to acknowledge it.


Did I see you nodding all the way? Leave a comment if you have more issues that you think women face in India.




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