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Top 8 Women Communities That Every Woman Must Join

Women Empowerment
Top 8 Women Communities That Every Woman Must Join

We assuredly are not new to the word "women empowerment". The era of empowering the women's community has been long started over two decades ago and now transformed into a powerful revolution.

The women of the 21st century are marking their flags in every attainable sector of life. We can see females today working as a doctor, engineers, entrepreneurs, CEO, soldier, and much more.

Even though we have conquered the oppressing period; there is still a need for a little push for some women in society. And that's the reason why communities for women are built for.

As Jean Vanier once said,

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals."

When women come together as each other’s allies, they share experiences, passions, and interests and motivate each other to do better.

This blog is all about the women-centered platforms that help women come together and set the best example of sisterhood.

Here are 8 online communities for women that can make you take action towards your goals:

1. Ladies get paid is a New York-based organization that promotes the financial and professional growth of the women's community. This online community has more than 4000 members across the globe. Claire Wasserman founds this private platform in the year 2016 to help women all around the world talk freely about money. As a subscriber, you get access to their newsletter, video library, and other resources.

2. Momspresso

As you can understand from the name itself, momspresso is an online platform dedicated to moms. It is one of the largest communities for moms in India, with around 62 million users. Being founded by moms, their motto is to encourage motherhood and their social media content speaks for them.

Speaking of moms, let's go to our next online community, which is also started by moms.

3. Qween is one of India's largest women-centered platforms that is started by three moms. This networking platform for women encourages women empowerment by providing work from home and flexible job opportunities to the women who want to start and restart their careers.

With more than 60,000 community members, Qween has established itself as one of the prominent online career platforms for women.

4. Her money talks are community-focused on improving women's financial condition by educating them about all the money talks.

This is a digital platform that is designed to uplift the monetary empowerment of women, helping them save their money and connect with an influential network of experts and businesses. Founded by Nisary M and Hemant G in Bangalore, her money talks make women confident so that they can handle their money by themselves.

5. Plum Alley is a crowdfunding organization based in New York City. This platform is all about empowering women entrepreneurs by driving more venture capital toward them.

The primary aim of Deborah Jackson, the founder of the plum alley, was the economic advancement of female entrepreneurs.

6. Kool Kanya is an online community that helps women build the career they desire. They share engaging and educational content on social that is highly followed by the female population.

It is a platform where women ask questions, seek career advice, and share their experiences. The women who are freelancers can find work opportunities through this platform and also can hire people for jobs too.

7. Sheroes is a social networking site created only for women. This women-only platform is founded by Sairee Chahal. Just like any other social media site, you can share your writings, pictures, blogs, and other content here and engage with like-minded women.

Not only that, but sheroes also lend money to women who need it through their digital bank, which is called Mahila money. Women who are part of the sheroes community can sell various homemade items, accessories, artworks, home décor, snacks, and many more things via sheroes.

8. Women who code are a community that was born with a mission to inspire females to excel in a tech career. It is easy to depict from the name of the community that this platform is focused on empowering women with the coding skills that will help them to achieve their professional goals.

After joining the community, you get access to articles, tutorials, videos, and other educational resources to shine in your skills. They also provide scholarships annually along with recognition awards. You can also get connected with other engineers during annual meets and hence increase your experience.

Final thoughts

With so many options and opportunities in every field, a woman has the choice to change the course of their life for good and become financially & emotionally empowered along with other women. You don't have to cross the entire road at once, but taking one step at a time is enough, and that is starting together with others.

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