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Believe in yourself!

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Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.  -Brad Henry

Every person is unique and has a Unique Signature Strength.

We all have our own ways of completing the tasks that we have assigned to ourselves. In our own routine life, we come across so many challenges.

Some big some small… and we tend to deal with them all.

There are external factors that drive our response and reactions. We get at times so much driven by these external factors that our confidence is shaken.

More than any other external factors, we need to focus more on our inner self. Every day, we are required to compete with our own self rather than any other individual. A question that needs to be asked is, “Am I better than yesterday”, “Am I better than last year”, “What is my Version 2.0”.

Every time you deep dive into the ocean of self-awareness, you will come out with a Pearl that is a brighter and shinier version of you. Always compete with yourself, sometimes gently and sometimes mercilessly.

But, every time, remember every time there comes a situation when there is a doubt or your own belief over yourself is on a swing, just count on the Achievements that you have enrolled under your name, and all of a sudden you will realize your worth is exponentially high.

When there is a mess in life, just compare that mess. Compare the mess with the previous ones that you have handled boldly and smartly or compare with others mess who are dealing with their issues fearlessly. No matter what the comparison criteria would be, in the end, the hurdle will relatively be easy to handle.

When we change the perspective of looking at any problem, then it becomes easy-breezy to handle. Say, for example, make an effort to energize yourself and make yourself BIGGER than your problem. Naturally, your problem will seem to be less relevant and will empower you to handle sharply.

Written for QWEEN by Neha Tripathi




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