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5 Reasons why Women need to learn Self Defense

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5 Reasons why Women need to learn Self  Defense

Every day on social media it seems, we are hearing about women being victimized.

When you think about self-defense, you rarely if ever think of a woman defending herself.  At least for me, I know it was something I never thought about. After all, I have a husband that will defend me if need be, right?

However, what happens when I’m driving home from work by myself and need to fill up my fuel tank? How about if I’m walking out to my vehicle with my hands full of groceries, and some one approaches me? What if I was out by myself taking a walk around my neighborhood at dusk? What if a door-to-door salesperson came by my house wanting to give me a pitch, and my husband wasn’t home?

The truth is we don’t think about attacks enough, because we want to believe that people are inherently good and wouldn’t hurt us
In a country like India where the cases of gender violence are on rise, out of which many go unreported, self-defence for women has become a necessity more than ever. In a survey conducted in 80 countries by US news in partnership with Y & R, BAV  Wharton University, India ranks a lowly 50 when it comes to ranking best countries for women.

What happens when you face an attacker?

Whenever you come across any hostile person, you can not be sure if the motive is to rob, or hurt you. Such stressful situations evoke a fight, flight or freeze response.

Self-defence skills prepare you to fight rather than freeze and such organisations are the place to learn how to put up an impressive fight against the attacker.

We can give you 5 reasons why Self Defense training is important for yo-.

1) It can happen to anyone anytime- Whether you  believe it or not, harsh reality is crime can happen to anyone.  You could be attacked. You will be alone and you will be vulnerable. And most likely, it will come from the one you least expected. The next question, what will you do?

2) Be a role model for others-We tell our daughters they can be anything they want. But how can we ensure they are safe always? How do we show them how to protect themselves against rape, incest, assault, domestic violence, etc, if we don't set the example of being strong and standing up for ourselves by being able to defend ourselves - emotionally, verbally, physically and spiritually? If we continue to move in silence about the things that happen to us (rape, assault, emotional battering, domestic violence) how are we going to help our daughters become stronger and show our sons what is and is not acceptable behavior from a male?

3) Become Empowered-  Imagine yourself in a gym. Or ask anyone who works out regularly. The confidence and boost to your own self image being fit and strong gives is unmatchable. From sheep, women turned into fiesty tigresses in a matter of a few days, walking out of the class as  determined, strong, empowered women ready to take control of their own lives. A self defense course not only empowers you; but it also educates you in showing you the options who have to take control of your life and feel safer in your world.

4) This could be your Life Insurance Policy!-  Your house, car, jewlery, everything is ensured. You have life insurance for your illnesses etc, but real life insurance comes from being able to fight it out in tricky life threatening situations. Join  a self defense class that can truly SAVE your lives. Women's self-defense classes have an incredible positive impact on their participants and greatly change lives for the better. Self defense classes provide you with real insurance to protect your life.

5) Do it for those who count on you-. If you won't do it for yourself and the top 4 reasons, how about for those who count on you the most - your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, etc? What happens if you are now dead or incapacitated because of a crime? Who takes care of those that you took care of?

Take the time to take care of yourself and empower your life by taking a women's self defense class with QWEEN Mentor, Author and Global Leading Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach- Dr Mickey Mehta- at #Impowerbyqween

. You just might surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing. And I guarantee you that you will find a whole new strength and outlook that will improve your life.




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Urmila Reply

March 06, 2018

For her own safety she must learn self defence

Veena Reply

September 21, 2018

Being a martial arts student, I Know it very well how one starts treating onself. It's a pride feeling of being independent as well as taking charge to help others in any odd situation. Well written ????

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