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Does Travelling Heals You?

Does Travelling Heals You?

Traveling is like breathing to me. I have explored places right from my childhood. I still remember my mom packing food cooked from her own hands and my dad driving and we three kids sitting and enjoying the road trips.

I used to roll down my window, place my head outside slowly and feel the air, wave my hands back and forth and feel the air, at each halt race out of the car and feel the air... and this is how traveling became fresh air which got converted into breath with time. If I don’t travel, I feel suffocated. Four walls, city lifestyle, traffic, routine gives me a reason to escape and travel.

Needless to say, solo traveling has given me the richest experience of my life. It has given me a chance to explore my way, and my ways have been way more than adventurous. I have written my best poetries and blogs, I have written and poured my heart out. I have been me. I have reflected and introspected way beyond my expectations.

My traveling conditions has been very simple:

1. Travel light, no burden on shoulders, no bad memories in mind, just travel.
2. Me time, I travel solo so can dive deep within myself and come out with a pearl that is a finer version of me.
3. Create memories, stories, and treasures. I have been myself a big fan of listening to stories, hence I want to take the legacy ahead and create my own stories.
4. Connect. Traveling has made me a better person who can listen to pain for hours, feel silence for hours, and create lifetime connections.
5. There is a beauty at each stop, one needs an eye to see it. Every place you explore has a beauty and story behind, don’t miss to see and listen especially the forgotten beauty and stories.

Travel to see
Travel to feel
Travel to smell
Travel to create memories
Travel to listen
Travel to redefine yourself


- By Neha Tripathi (Host, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer)  




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Gunjan Reply

August 17, 2020

So true ,I can totally relate my travel life . It feels so incomplete without travelling, it gives sense of fulfillment, meeting new people some of them turn into long life friends and recharged minds to work more efficiently.Stories behind every trip always bring smile.

A Peter Reply

October 21, 2020

So true :) If you want to explore off-beat destinations you can follow my website here :

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