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What is data science? How to make a career in it?

What is data science? How to make a career in it?

Ever since the world started to advance toward digitalization, numerous tasks have been made more convenient and effortless and that includes data storage as well. With countless activities happening through digital means, the amount of data stored in databases is also huge. 

It is also true that these data are very useful for many entities like businesses and the government of a country. But how do we know which data is valuable and meaningful for a specific purpose? This is where the concept of Data science enters. It is a notion where data scientists study and extract meaningful conclusions from the information stored.  

Although data science is related to the IT sector, almost every industry, from medicine, retail, finance, and telecom to agriculture uses data science to make their work less time-consuming and get the best solution for customer satisfaction.

A report also backs the growth of data scientists' jobs by stating that by 2026 the number of data science-related jobs will reach 11.5 million at the global level. 


So if you are thinking of making a career in data science, then go for it, because in the coming years it is only going to grow more. Let's understand the fundamental knowledge of data science. 

What is data science?

Data science is an approach where data scientists study extensive amounts of information to pull out the required and meaningful data from a database using different analytical tools and techniques to analyze and tackle real-world problems in an organization.  

Being multidisciplinary, it includes many fields of study within it such as mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, machine learning, algorithms, coding, and business intelligence.

Data science is all about gathering raw data, processing them in a way that they can be used, summarizing it by studying the patterns, analyzing the data using different methods, and preparing it in the form of charts and graphs so that it can be understood and used in the decision-making process.

How to start a career in data science?

Just like any other career option, data science also involves certain requirements in education, skills, work experience, etc. Let’s understand the qualifications needed for excelling in data science.

Education required to start a career in data science 

To start a career in data science, a bachelor's degree in business, data science, mathematics, statistics, information technology or any other related field is required. In case your degree is from an unrelated field like literature, you can take up short  certification courses that will  introduce you and guide you to the path of data science. You can choose to learn skill-specific certification courses as well namely, machine learning or any programming language course. 

Some jobs  in data science demand a mandatory bachelor's degree, while for others it is possible to enter with a certification as well.  Getting a master's degree can strengthen your chance for senior roles in the field.    

Skills required to start a career in data science

A job in the field of data skills requires some skills that are required: . 

Technical skills

  • Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Programming languages (SQL, Python, Java, C++)

  • Cloud computing

  • Data visualization

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Data wrangling

  • Business analysis, etc.

Common soft skills

  • Communication skills

  • Collaboration

  • Teamwork

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Flexibility

  • Adaptability

Ofcourse, acquiring relevant skills is an important step but without practical knowledge you won’t go very far. This brings us to our next step i.e, gaining experience.   

Work experience in data science

As a beginner you can start by building your portfolio with personal projects that will demonstrate your skills and specialities. There are many platforms like Kaggle, Omdena, DataCamp, etc. that will provide you opportunity to exercise and explore datasets and other projects. 

You can gain experience through internships. It will not only introduce you to real-world working experiences but also get you ready for senior level positions in future. Leverage platforms like LinkedIn to search relevant companies to intern with. It is also a great place to network with people in data science and will help you in creating connections. 

Volunteering for any non-profit organization is also a great way. Although it will be unpaid but you will definitely earn experience which can be a plus point for your resume and portfolio.

Once you see that you have enough experience and confidence for full-time and entry level jobs, apply with the companies that you want to work with.          

Career opportunities in data science

The data science field isn’t limited to a single job role, there are various types of positions that one can look at: 

  1. Data scientist

Data scientists deal with a large amount of data to find a solution to real-world problems. These professionals use skills in mathematics, statistics, and programming to collect and analyze information. Businesses hire data scientists to derive information on consumer behavior and what action should be taken to deal with the problems. The common skills used in this role are Python, data visualization, algorithms, etc. The average salary of a data scientist in India is 10 Lakhs per year.


  1. Data analyst

As the name suggests, the responsibility of a data analyst is to analyze the gathered data and interpret it. They sample and classify the data and find patterns. Because they work with the raw data, collaboration with marketing, finances, sales, and customer support is required. Data mining, machine learning, and JavaScript are a few skills used in this role. A data analyst can expect 4.3 Lakhs per annum as an average salary in India.


  1. Data Engineer

Just like other data science job roles a data engineer also assembles, inspects, and simplifies data. Their main task is to make the information available to use for data scientists and data analysts. They also work to improve the quality of data used and make it more efficient. The main skills a data engineer needs to know are Java, SQL, computer science, etc. You can earn an average salary of 8.1 Lakhs annually as a data engineer in India.


  1. Data Architect

A data architect deals with everything related to a company’s database system. From building to managing. The main duties for this role include creating & executing database solutions, preparing reports for the management team, evaluating and monitoring the system functioning with the help of various tests & troubleshooting, etc. Database management, Data migration, and statistics are a few primary skills used in this position. The average salary of a data architect in India is 23.5 Lakhs annually.


  1. Business intelligence analyst

All the business-related duties like analyzing market & trends, creating strategies, understanding customers' current behavior & future needs, etc. are overseen by the business analyst. They also compile financial reports to get reviewed by top management and stakeholders of a company. Other than excellent communication skills a business analyst needs to know about MS Office, SQL, and database. The annual salary of a business analyst is 6.9 Lakhs.


Data science Course (Job Guarantee Program) 

We get that starting a technical field career is not easy, especially if you have lots of doubts and confusion about where exactly you should start. We have got a solution for you. QWEEN has introduced a data science program that can give a head start toward a career in data science. With this program, you can learn skills like SQL, Python, Logistic regression, model validation, A/B testing, Power BI, etc. This program follows a very convenient process starting from goal-setting mentorship, learning skills with interactive live sessions, preparing you for a real interview with the help of a mock interview, and finally getting referrals for the job. The best part? We won’t let you go until you are hired for your skills and expertise. 

Who can apply?
Open for any graduate or final-year students. Working professionals with 3 years of experience can apply too. Sound like something you are interested in?

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