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Learn the Market, Lead the Market

Learn the Market, Lead the Market

This is a very basic funda of life that I am going to share with you today.

If you want to excel and you are not sure HOW then the most important pre-requisite is to LEARN!!

Many of us stop learning post our graduation/ post-graduation, and that is basically the beginning of our end towards success.

If you are a woman who is on a career break and want to relaunch back into the workforce, I have 5 tips for you to begin with:

1. Be Vigilant: We all want to be successful and powerful in some way or the other by leading the market place. But what is equally important is to lead with Confidence. This can be achieved only when one is aware of what is going on in the current market and what others are doing to differentiate themselves from others. If we keep an open eye and ear around these two factors half of our issues are resolved. 

2. Prioritize: Once you have made up your mind to relaunch yourself start to play around as if you are working. First prioritise what kind of work you are looking for, once this is done integrate that work and working hours in your daily routine and figure out the challenges you might face once you actually start to work. This will give clarity on how much you are ready, what exactly you want, and how you can go ahead about it. Once the priorities are clear enough, it will make your decision making further strong and you will be able to challenge your inner self to do better every time.

3. Communicate: Not all of us are good at Telepathy, so stop expecting from others to read your mind and start communicating with clarity. It is not just a communication which I am referring to, but a strong and powerful request with clarity and logic. Let people around you understand what you want in life, what makes you happy and how can they support you in your journey. So keep ASKING!! 

Let your vision and idea be so clear to those around you, that they start to integrate into their mind. Once you master this art, everyone is on the same page and you will no more be asked to focus on things that are less important to you.

4. Network: Rebuild the lost connect and build new connections. Do not allow the image about you freeze in the mind of your ex-colleagues and bosses. Be in constant touch with them, join them to get-togethers, invite them in your family celebrations. Keep the door open for yourself even when you are on a break. Next is build new connections. Attend seminars, webinars, executive and business meets. Get to know what the trend is, introduce yourself and open a fresh door of referrals for yourself. Learn to nurture the network.

5. Launch:  If you do these basic hygiene checks before you launch, you will get clarity on what is best suited for you and how you can walk that path for yourself. Once everyone is aligned and you have your priorities set the bigger picture is always crystal clear that will define the Kaizen steps for you. The network that you have wisely created for yourself will help you find your dream job.

Fill the gaps and connect the dots.

The plan you have laid down for yourself can be materialized provided you take a lead to do so. 

Wish you a successful ReLaunch!!

For Qween by Neha Tripathi




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