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Make the most of Online Shopping in 6 steps

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Make the most of Online Shopping in 6 steps

Online shopping is the latest trend in India. It is estimated that online shopping will soon surpass the traditional mode of shopping in terms of gross sales volume. But all is not hunky dory when you sit down to shop. Though the retailers and sellers save a lot in terms of cost incurred had they chose to display goods the traditional way, and also pass on this benefit to you, online shopping often results in a lot of impulsive buying and sometimes the quality is hard to come by and to rely upon.

To save yourself from losses and lots of heartache, here a few tips you can use next time you resort to online shopping-

1. Filter and sort – your besties

These two options can be used to narrow down your search. Always stick to the price range you are looking for. Since most online shopping is based on perceived value rather than actual value, make sure you buy stuff that is actually cheaper than offline options

2. Delivery and payment options- Your price savers

Most products have cash on delivery options, but some resellers do not provide this facility or charge extra for it. Unless you are very sure of the delivery mechanisms of the site you are shopping from, do not venture into prepaid options. You may end up losing money or buying what you really didn’t want. Second point to consider is free delivery. Some sites do not announce delivery charges but quietly add some delivery charge at the time of check out. In both scenarios you might end up paying more than the actual price

3. List it up-your time savers

Make a list of items that you wish to buy. Suppose you are buying grocery, unless you have a list, the constant pop ups about deals from the seller may cause you to digress from your shopping. Something similar to what happens when you go to a supermarket and are lured into tasting or trying new stuff on the block.

4. Avoid Greed

Greed is a strict no-no here as well. Do not buy something because you might need it later. Do not buy in bulk. You might not need those 10 leggings along with 5 kurtis combo. Or that combo deal of diapers with wipes. You might end up over stocking and products might get outdated.

5. Ignore email offers

Yes, block them, unsubscribe from them. You will end up receiving and clearing lots of junk mail for nothing. The reason? You can always go to the site and check out their latest offers. Emails are just sent to lure you into impulsive shopping. You really do not need 200 diapers in medium size since your baby might outgrow them before you finish them all.

6. Use return policy

Use it, even if it causes you a lot of back and forth communication and coordination. Choose only sites that have a solid return policy, use their trial options and return products that do not suit your taste. You will be astonished to note how much you would have wasted in a year if you had accepted everything that came your way. Return by all means as it is your hard earned money




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