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7 Memorable Gift ideas for festive season

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7 Memorable Gift ideas for festive season

The festive season is here, and like every year, all shops are laden with gifts and sweets. Planning requires effort, and most people simply pass on one gift received from one person to another. Giving a gift is not just a formality, it reflects on who you are as a person, and shows the recipient that you care. Here, we have collated some unique gift ideas for you, which will definitely set you apart from the rest of the pack. Your near and dear ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness instead of simply passing it on to other person at the next opportunity.




  1. Plants- Take a cute little pot, sow some seeds or buy a plant from a nursery. Read online about it and create a small booklet about its type, care, blossoming season, etc. and tie it to the pot. Tulsi, herbs like rosemary, basil, thyme and lemongrass work well. You can also sow simple wheat or mustard seeds in a Terracotta artifact and gift it.
  2. Wall /interior décor with personal pictures- Many websites, and many local artists offer hand painted/printed portraits on canvas or any other surface or item of your choice like wall clocks, towels, bed sheets, calendars, etc. Or a simple framed collage of your good times together should do the trick.
  3. Spa packages – Gift your loved one a great spa card. It is a great way to offer them a chance to relax and unwind. You want to make it even sweeter, give an offer to babysit whenever your loved one asks to redeem their present.
  4. Subscription to a good library- A local library or an online library would be a great idea too. You will be remembered for the thoughtfulness every time they pick up a book from there.
  5. A good full day picnic in the outdoors– With weather mellowing down and rains receding, the festival season starts with good weather across India. Make arrangements and take your loved ones to a great picnic in outdoors. The gift of time is a great gift to offer these days.
  6. Personal Shopper/ Image Makeover – Take your close friend for a day long expedition of image makeover and offer the services of a personal shopper. With festive season in full swing, your best friend is definitely going to love it.
  7. Registration for a workshop at Qween– With us, your gal pals will be thankful they had you to count on for the most thoughtful gift. Gift them a registration from the wide ariety of events that are going on at Qween. Better still, join them if you can. A fun workshop , a day well spent together is the best way to make festivals even sweeter.




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