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6 Secrets from the hidden corridors of Supermarkets

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6 Secrets from the hidden corridors of Supermarkets

How large departmental stores trick you into buying stuff you might not be looking for.

  1. They arrange chocolates and condiments at the entrance, and repeat one or two brands that are highly priced near the cash counter, the stuff like butter, diapers, washing detergents which are part of everyone’s shopping list are placed as far as possible from each other to make sure you walk down all the aisles.
  2. Store owned brands are always displayed at eye level, outside brands that don’t give enough margin to them are on the lower racks
  3. Veggies and fruits that are slightly warm to touch or show some vapour condensed might be the latest to arrive, usually hidden at the back. For every two pieces of good produce, you also buy two old/stale , and you can’t help it because it is mostly prepacked.
  4. The lot that is displayed as you enter, showing all the products below MRP is actually very old, and you can buy fresher product at same lowered price if you just make a mental note and move to the aisle where it is usually stacked
  5. The most vulnerable customers are those who do not have a shopping list, people who spend more than usual time in each aisle and look totally lost. They are lured into free sample tasting, product promotions, thereby confusing them even further.
  6. If the core specialty of a departmental store is grocery, their money making ends are kitchen utensils, clothing, stationary, and toys, where they get huge margins because of bulk buying, but they keep the rates at par with other stores.

Remember, the day to make most savings for you translates into the day to make most money for the supermarkets. So be smart and shop smartly.




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