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Signs that you need help of a Career Counsellor

Signs that you need help of a Career Counsellor


In this new era, taking the right career decision is not an easy task. Other than traditional career options like a doctor, engineer, accountant, scientist, teacher, etc. many contemporary career opportunities have emerged because of evolution in digitalization and globalization.

As soon as we reach 10th standard, we are bombarded with the pressure of choosing our field of study and deciding which field we want to pursue. To be able to make the correct decision, we need someone who can help and guide us, and that's where the role of career counselling comes in.

What is career counselling?

In simple words, career counselling is a process where a counsellor guides their clients with career-related problems and solutions. It's not just about choosing a relevant career path and navigating through said path, but the aspect of education and life decisions are also a decisive part of a career counselling session.

People might need career counselling for multiple reasons, but how would you know that you need the guidance of a counsellor?

To help you we have compiled a list of some reasons that might lead you to take assistance from a professional:

While choosing a subject for 10th standard

The Indian Education System allows us to choose a specific field of study i.e. Commerce, Mathematics, Science, Arts/Humanities. Students choose either of the options according to their preferences and long-term career goals. Getting prepared for a successful professional life is not a one-day process; you have to get yourself ready from an early age. Also, most students are unaware of what they really want to do, and as a result, they go for choices depending either on societal or parental norms. Career counselling can help you select the right subject and interests by pointing out your weaknesses and strengths. With the help of personality tests, a counsellor can help understand yourself better.

When you are going to college

Once you are out of school, a new life awaits you outside. The one with head-on competition and the fast-paced life of the college. There are so many courses and programs presented in the market for each stream. For example, you studied commerce in school and now you have Bachelor's degree options like, BBA, BE, etc. It is possible that some of you might want to try CA. A career counsellor can help you simplify the process and understand the best alternative that will support your career in the long run.

After your graduation

What to do after college can be a confusing question. Some might want to start working in their prospective industry and some might prefer to resume their studies pursuing a master's degree. Getting a second opinion or professional advice through career counselling can help you answer these questions and choose the best route for you.

When you know you have the talent, but you are doubtful or confused

This scenario is possible for both students and professionals. A young mind is always curious and on the lookout for something new and unique. With so many new career opportunities being available these days, one can get confused and ignore their interests even after knowing their talents. It's the same for professionals, they might overthink and doubt their potential to turn into a profitable career. A career counsellor can help you clear your doubts and get informed about the good and bad side of your talents and how to transform it into a thriving career path.

You are earning well, but still not satisfied

Having a satisfying pay may not be the only requirement of any job for everyone, there are other things like the working environment, co-workers, boss-employee relationship, growth opportunities, etc. Career counselling can help you find the answer or reason behind your dissatisfaction. A counsellor will help you move out of that particular job or industry by finding what your career goals are and understanding what is that you expect from your job and the company.

You are not growing in your career

Feeling stuck in your current job is not a good sign. The advancement in your professional life is crucial. Career counselling can answer your questions regarding the reasons of your dissatisfaction and how to solve it by identifying new opportunities that work towards the growth of your career.

When you have taken a career break

Recruiters and interviewers take career gaps in resumes very seriously. A professional counsellor can help you in representing those gaps in your resume in a more positive light. Explaining those gaps during the interview can also be tricky, so career counselling can prepare you to explain your reasons more strategically.

When you are unemployed

We know it's not a very ideal situation to be in and can cause career anxiety. The reason behind your unemployment can be anything from taking a break due to family problems, not getting opportunities that you think you deserve, lack of motivation, etc. It's even shown in the reports that around 32% of the working population of India lacks motivation in careers. At a time like this getting professional help sounds like the most suitable solution. Career counselling can help in figuring out where to start or what roadmap to follow to reach a specific goal.




Career counselling can also assist you in your job search journey. From getting your resume optimized to preparing for the interview. With so much content present on the internet, you might feel like you don't need any counselling but professional matters are best handled by professionals who are trained to do the job.

Do you resonate with any of the above-mentioned signs? Or need career guidance but don't know where to get help from? QWEEN's Career Counselling Program can provide you guidance to find the right career and help you navigate through it toward your successful working life. 




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