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What Lord Ganesha means in age of internet

What Lord Ganesha means in age of internet

Ganpati festival is here, and he is one lord that presides over all the festivities. Irrespective of caste, class or religion, Mumbai brings its favorite lord home and celebrates for 10 days, followed by a tearful goodbye with a promise of visiting the next year soon.
This age of internet has given a whole new meaning to this festival. It is not just about bringing an idol home, worshipping and send it off till next year. There are a lot of lessons that we netizens can pick up from the destroyer of all problems,harbinger of hope and giver of prosperity.

Here are 5 important things that Ganesha teaches us-

  • Your size doesn’t matter, the company you keep does– Ganesha is always accompanied by Mouse. The little mouse looks ridiculously miniscule under his towering personality. But owing to his presence with the Lord, he is worshipped with fervor. Make sure you have the right people around you, people who can lift you up. Network with right people.
  • Be prepared to listen, always– Keep large ears like Ganesha to the ground. Be receptive to new thoughts and ideas. Ideate, brainstorm, do whatever it takes to help you grow.
  • Keep a huge appetite for knowledge– Ganesha has a huge belly, his trunk also points to the sweet laddoo/modak in most idols. Put your mouth where your money is.  Back your intelligible words and  intellect with good sound judgement. Practice what you preach. Learn from the masters.
  • Mix business with pleasure– Ganesha has four hands, one carrying his weapon depicting his tool for work,the other having a flower showing his gentle side and penchant for fun and beauty. While you are toiling hard, do not forget to mix some pleasure in your business.
  • Be there for those you care for– Ganesha is omnipresent, be it birth, marriage or death, he is summoned by mantras for every reason, and he graces the occasion with his presence. In the world of Networking, being there makes all the difference and people tend to make strong relationships with those who are rock solid in their support.

Qween imbibes all this and salutes every woman who is using internet as the latest medium to channelize her creative energy and grow. Come and learn, laugh, live, and grow with us.




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To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help them cooperate, collaborate & grow together.