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6 offbeat fun things to do in Mumbai

6 offbeat fun things to do in Mumbai

1) Prithvi Theater- So what if you are not into dramatics. This place has so much history and creative energy flowing, you would simply love to take a stroll, catch a play thats going on , or maybe have some snack and tea in the cafe to get immersed in the vibe.

2) Write on the wall- at Ghetto- Mahalaxmi- Check before you start for it, if it still exists- if you find it,Get drunk. Hug your friends. Get the permanent marker from the man at the cash counter. Look for an empty spot on the wall. Write how much you love Mumbai, your friends, Ghetto, beer, life and anything and everything in general. J

3) Immortalise yourself – Kala Ghoda -Get your portrait made from the students and other struggling artists that dot the Pavement Gallery outside Jehangir Art Gallery are ready, eager and willing to indulge your narcissism. Better than taking 10 selfies

4) Take a hike to Kanheri Caves – Borivali’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park houses the Kanheri caves. The 109 caves contain rock figures of Buddha and his Boddhisattvas sculpted during the Mauryan and Kushan empires of the first century BC. Some of them make you feel insignificant.

5) Visit Haji Ali- Nestled near the busy Tardeo Junction, you should try and go during high tide to feel the thrill, up close and personal. Add to it the serenity of the place and devotion of others around you, you are bound to feel refreshed.

6) QWEEN- Join Quirky women’s empowerment and experiences network and attend their upcoming events like the Diva in you Quirkshop.




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