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Your Career Your Choice

Your Career Your Choice
The career you want to get into is completely your choice today.
You do not need to depend on anyone for any guidance on whom to depend on the choices that you make.
Here are a few steps on Career Strategies.
STEP1:  Self Assessment. Learn about yourself, your values, interests, skills, personality, and core principles that you possess.
A continuous and rigorous self-assessment, a process that helps you in assessing your skills, potentials, and strengths.
Values include achievements and status. Interests are what you enjoy doing, Personality is a person's individual traits and attitudes while skills are activities you are passionate about and good at. 
STEP2: Career Exploration. What kind of jobs are in the market that excites you and keeps you charged.
Match of your skills with market needs and self-development. What is the scope of the career that you are looking for? Will that career pay you off in future? Is there room for expansion in that career field?
 STEP3: Decision making. Incorporate all the relevant information and wisely identify the options. It becomes absolutely easy and obvious when we start writing and narrowing down all the possibilities.
Step4: Action. 
Now. when you have gone through all the research and drilled down to your choice of career, time to go with a bang. It's time to kick off your goals and checklist and take massive actions. Reach out to people, network with them, share it on social media and speak up about what you want and what are your parameters. be rigorous in your actions.
- By Neha Tripathi (Host, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer)    




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Sreedevi Praveen Reply

July 14, 2020

I Prefer teaching Coding to small kids online

Ambattu Reply

October 17, 2020

I prefer working as data entry operator using MS tools

Padmaja G Reply

January 17, 2021

I prefer teaching to primary kids online. HR recruiting, counseling job.

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