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Push each other out in deep water

Push each other out in deep water

Recently I watched a video on YouTube .

Bill Murray was to present the award to Sopie Coppola at NBR- and here is what he said-

“So why do you give this person an award? You give them an award because they need to be encouraged. […] Because now she’s had this success, she’s had this work, she has this life, she has this family, she has this thing going, and now is when people like you have chosen well to say, ‘Let’s give this person another boost, let’s give this person another boost to say keep going, because now life will come to you hard, like it’s come to everyone that’s lived long enough. It comes hard and it gets in the way of your career; it stops your career, it stunts your life — not necessarily your life, but it definitely will make your career go left. You show me an actor doing a shit movie, I’ll show you a guy with a bad divorce. [Audience laughs.] Right? Right? [Looking around the room.] You know who I’m talking about.

[…] So we’ll give her a boost to say, go on, you’ve made it this far, push her out into the deep water, push her out into bigger and deeper films, more and more films. She has a beautiful eye. She has great taste in the people she chooses to work with. She’s a kind and thoughtful director and editor and producer. She’s all the things that we hoped we could be when we were like this. She’s been lucky so far, and she’s been strong so far. Let’s keep her going.

How right he is that we don’t stop needing the right push!

The same things that apply to filmmakers can be applied to entrepreneurs. They have to often fly solo, they don’t work for anyone so they have no one to fall back on, and they don’t have anyone patting them on the back telling them they did a good job.

Sometimes it can be a little lonely being the one who has to come up with all of your goals, achieve them, and then celebrate them. I think most of us long at one time or another to have at least one of those three things outsourced. But sometimes I’d love to just have someone tell me where the next goalpost is so I can just point in that direction.We all could use some “boosting” from our peers,and friends, I think.

QWEEN wants the entrepreneur community to have something like this.

Capacity Building Program is something  that says: Hey there, we see what you’ve done and what you’re trying to do, and we want to see what else you’ve got in you… so keep going.”

So here’s the challenge I’ll pose to you, dear readers: Reach out to one entrepreneur you know & admire, and tell her you love what she’s doing by bringing her to FREE Capacity Building program by WeConnect International India and P& G.Push each other out into the deep water, and let’s keep each other buoyant.

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