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How to make a career in Cloud Computing

How to make a career in Cloud Computing

IT is considered one of the most prominent job providing sectors in India and cloud computing is among those tech jobs that have high demand not only in the Indian market but globally.

Most companies have adopted cloud computing to make their work more automatic and accessible. The reports also show the universal growth of this career domain stating that the cloud market is estimated to attain 1,240.9 billion by the year 2027 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 17.9%.


Anyone wanting to make a career in cloud computing has many job options they can choose from within the domain. We'll explore the job roles as well in this blog. But first, let's start with knowing what exactly the term cloud computing means.

What is cloud computing?

In the IT world cloud is the term used for the internet. Cloud computing is the process of delivery and management of computing services like databases, storage, servers, network, software, intelligence, and analytics over the internet. Of course, physical storage on the hard disk is an option, but with the increasing amount of data and data processing, businesses and other entities are leaning more towards cloud computing to make their functioning more economical, flexible, and faster.

The most common example of cloud computing that we use is Google, Azure, AWS, Dropbox, Gmail, etc. Cloud computing services are offered in three components that companies can use according to their requirements. What are those services?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a delivery model where the software and applications are offered as a service via the internet. There is no need for any kind of installation or any advance payment system. Microsoft Office 360, Google workspace, Dropbox, etc. are a few common examples of this system.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is a type that offers cloud computing service with pay-as-you-go premise or on demand. The service includes storage, networking sources, analytics, etc. The most common examples are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM cloud.

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is the kind where the third party supplies software and hardware platforms to the customers over the internet. This service permits users to create, test, run and arrange software and web applications. Examples of PaaS are, Windows Azure, Google App Engine, etc.

Job opportunities in Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud engineer

These professionals oversee the whole process of designing, applying, and handling cloud-based systems for a company. They collaborate with other departments to find cloud solutions. You can expect an average salary of 5.4 Lakhs as a cloud engineer in India.


  1. Cloud Architect

They are responsible to create computing strategies and ensure that all the systems set up are aligned with the business operations. The average salary of a cloud architect is 20.9 Lakhs annually in India.


  1. Cloud consultant

As the name suggests, they provide consultancy to the company in the process of planning, executing, and managing cloud services and systems. A cloud consultant earns 10.5 Lakhs early in India.


  1. DevOps cloud engineer

DevOps engineers are the ones who develop system software and inspect data to upgrade existing cloud systems. Testing and monitoring skills are also an important part of their job description. The average salary of these professionals is 6.8 Lakhs annually.


Other than these options there are also roles of a cloud security engineer, cloud infrastructure engineer, full-stack developer, etc. that are in demand.

Now, let us understand how one can make a career in cloud computing.

How to make a career in cloud computing?

  1. Get yourself acquainted with cloud computing

It is important to understand the fundamentals of cloud computing first. Explore the sector of cloud technology as it will help you create a roadmap towards the final goal. Study various topics involved in the career domain such as cloud service models, cloud formation, cloud computing platforms, load balancing, cloud architecture, analytics, etc.

  1. Get educated and learn the skills

The qualification most recruiters look for in a cloud computing professional is B. Tech, Bachelor in computer science, BCA, or any other related field. Some aspirants also go for post-graduation courses like M. Tech, MCA, or M. sc. to make their resume stronger. It's a broad field and you need to know various technical skills. To be an efficient cloud computing professional one is required to possess a perfect mix of technical as well as soft skills such as:

Technical skills

  • Database skills (a language like MySQL and Hadoop, etc.)

  • Programming skills (Php, Java, Python, etc.)

  • Linux

  • Network management

  • Cloud Security

  • Machine learning and AI

  • APIs

  • Cloud service platforms' knowledge

  • Development and operations

  • Cloud deployment, etc.

Soft skills

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Project-management
  • Adaptability
  1. Obtain certifications

Obtaining a certification can earn you some extra credits in your job search. Numerous sources can get you certified for a specific career domain in cloud computing. Amazon Web services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure are the top three that one could enroll in to learn.

  1. Gain practical experience

Theoretical knowledge is not enough, especially in a technical field like cloud computing. So, implement the knowledge you learned into some practical experience. You can do that by taking some small projects or internships. This practice will help you train yourself by getting first-hand encounters with the required skills.

  1. Build your portfolio

In a technical field, a portfolio plays a vital role. Create a portfolio showcasing your training experience with different projects or internships you have worked on and the certificate you acquired. Once you are confident with your skills and expertise, apply for a job in the companies. Get yourself ready for the interview process and score the job you want.

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