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Be Positive - Always!

 Be Positive -

Every day, we fight battles- some large, some trivial. Some that we win, and in some we face defeat. Constant struggles, letdowns, heartbreaks, make us bitter, negative and resentful. Look at people around you, at least 7 in 10 people will be stressed about one or the other issue. All this is not only bad for our health, but also causes issues with relationships.

How to keep your chin up in day to day life?

Some tips-

1)     Take one day at a time- Today brings with it a new set of problems to solve, mountains to climb, so do not think about past or future, take today as new day.

2)      Let go- Someone didn’t behave the way you expected, and you have been sulking for that for last 3 days, going on and on to your friend about it- Simply let go, remember, all of us are made different, and we behave in our own unique way, constantly thinking about the how and why of each other’s actions will only make your life miserable. Snap out of it

3)      Take charge-Someone said something you didn’t like. That was their opinion. If you didn’t like it, let it remain there. You don’t like jackfruit, so you don’t eat it, right? So if you do not like something, why give it space in your head and heart? Listen from one ear and take it out from the other. Forget about it and take charge of your emotions. You will be relieved you didn’t give in to sulking and feeling angry/resentful

4)     Practice positivity- Take deep breaths, look out to horizon, pray, watch a sun rise or sunset. Do something creative. Spend time with a child. Do something you love, listen to music. Find out what pleases you, and like a ritual, do it regularly.

5)      Have your circle of love- These are trusted, loving, caring and positive people in your life- Family and friends. This circle is where you should remain. Keep in touch with them, call regularly, and seek their help should you find yourself in negative space.

Never give up on yourself. You are the best thing that happened to so many people, so be positive, always.




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