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Do You have a MENTOR

Do You have a MENTOR

Why does the Leadership Pipeline shrinks for women and gives a broader space to men?

There are endless reasons that I can talk about, but the one which I am deeply moved to pick today is something that has been known to most of us and still we choose to sideline and move ahead.

We as a woman, take most of our decisions either under guilt or step back because of self-doubt or we quit rewarding projects because we feel we are the only one who is responsible for all the responsibilities at the home front. We make such decisions and assumptions in our head and we choose not to take an opinion around it from anyone. Even at times when situations can be handled, we go ahead with the decisions that we have made which might, in the long run, tear us apart for losing our identity.

We at times even pull ourselves back to such an extreme extent that we find ourselves in a deep mess created by no one but us. Above all the financial independence is lost, which snatches away most of our decision making powers.

Ladies, let us stop making decisions that are the outcome of hypothesis and assumptions.

Let us have someone in our life who can guide us in our good or bad days of life.

Let us have a MENTOR in life.

Now the next big question is Who can be your Mentor?

This is very critical. Not anyone or everyone can be a mentor for us, we need to be choosy and at the same time demanding.

  1. A Mentor should be someone who has been successful and has accomplished in life, to whom you can look up to for suggestions and guidance as and when the need comes.
  2. A Mentor should be complimenting your strengths.
  3. A Mentor should be an expert in your field.
  4.  A Mentor should know the subject i.e. should know the pain point.
  5. A Mentor should be passionate about the work s/he is doing.
  6. A Mentor should be interested in investing his/her time and resource in YOU

So start to look out for your mentor right from today and get yourself mentored in all walks of life. 

Stop living under an assumption that you deserve and so things will fall in place for you. It is never that simple.

Learn to ASK, the more you ask the more you get. 

Learn to Negotiate, for what is yours and what you deserve!!




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