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Mistakes to avoid as a job-seeker

Mistakes to avoid as a job-seeker

Searching for a job can be an exciting yet a stressful situation. Although it is different for everyone, these are the common concerns almost all job seekers experience. And we all know that stressful situations can lead to mistakes, which can happen during a complex activity like a job search.

Job search is a multi-layered process including steps like researching the industry and companies, preparing your resume, networking, applying in job portals, preparing for an interview, etc. All the steps involved in the process have their own Do’s and Don'ts that we have to follow in order to be successful.  

Making mistakes while job hunting is more common for first-timers as they are new to the concept. But with advancements in digitalisation even experienced professionals face problems because of the introduction of new ideas. 

It will be a waste of time and energy if we don’t act on rectifying the mistakes that we are already making during the job search or possibly can make in the future. And to help you we have compiled a list of mistakes that you should avoid while searching for a job.

Mistakes to avoid during a job search:

  1. Not knowing what your goals are

Defining goals is very important even during a job search. If you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, the process will become more complex. Getting specific with your requirements is important. Let's say you are a fresher and looking for an entry-level job, then the other aspects like salary expectation, working days, working schedule, working environment, etc. are also to be considered. The expectations will be different for mid-level or senior-level jobs. Location and interests are also very important factors that candidates ponder while job hunting. 


  1. Limiting your search to leading companies only

We all want to work for leading names in the market like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Reliance, etc. and it is not wrong to want to work for those big companies. But, you should also consider smaller companies and startups as well. Don’t apply to every job that comes your way but if they fit your requirements then go ahead, irrespective of the size of the company. This step is most relatable for freshers.


  1. Resume mistakes

There are many mistakes one could make with their resume. Let's start with not creating an ATS friendly resume. Recruiters have a lot of applications to check and to minimize their work, they use an applicant tracking system. The system helps in tracking and sorting out resumes that match the job requirement. You can make your resume ATS-friendly by adding relevant keywords to the skills, education, and work experience sections. 

Make sure to keep your resume free of any errors and grammatical mistakes as 77% of the time the reason a recruiter rejects the resume is because of grammar and typing mistakes according to a report by Zippia. Including unnecessary information can also be a drawback for your resume. So, only add important information that matches a job description.



  1. Not writing a Cover letter

If anyone tells you that cover letters are not necessary, do not believe them because that's not true. A survey done by Arcadia University also shows that 83% of recruiters believe that a cover letter plays a major role in hiring decisions. One thing to remember here is to always customise your cover letter for every company and job position. Try to avoid being generic as it shows that you are not really making an effort, hence you look insincere and not interested.



  1. Ignoring networking

For professionals, having an online presence is a must in the coming years. We mostly use Google for job searches and tend to forget some social media platforms.  LinkedIn has so many features and advantages to offer irrespective of your occupation. You can optimize your profile, highlight your skills, and expertise and connect with people who can help you in growing your career. It's also a good platform for a job search. Other than online networking there is offline networking too, you can take advice and reference from your family, friends and relatives. You never know which connection can bring you to your dream job.


  1. Not taking Email addresses seriously

If your email id is something like, then be prepared to get rejected. You are applying for a professional position so your email address should be professional. Try something that’s more like your professional self like


  1. Being dependent on job ads only

Avoid relying only on job ads on the internet and social media platforms. Write an inquiry email to the HR or recruiter of the companies that you want to get hired at. Ask them if there are any positions vacant and inform them that you are open if there is any opportunity in the near future, so they can reach out to you as well. 


  1. Not preparing for the interview properly

Not being prepared for an interview can be a real deal breaker. Preparing and giving an interview is a process in itself. Start by researching the company, understand what exactly the job requirements are, and then prepare for all the questions that can be asked by the interviewer. And it actually doesn't end there, make sure you are dressed accordingly and professionally. Showing confidence during the interview is as important as answering with honesty. Last but not least ensure that you sent a Thank you email and follow-up after the interview. It shows that you are persistent adn interested. 


Job search is not an easy or one-day task, it needs time and persistence from the job seeker's side to get the job they want. Not giving up is the most important thing that you can do here. If one strategy is not working try another one, don't think of it as a dead end. 

Administer these tips in your job search process and once you are sure that you are ready, apply for your job.

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