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5 great themes for party this season

5 great themes for party this season

The party season is on, and you are mired with so many invites , not to mention parties thrown by you.

You have it all planned, your dresses, hair, makeup, everything, to make that party at your home memorable for yourself. Now, there are some quirky themes you can try out to make these parties memorable for your guests for years to come

Qween has some real fun and quirky ideas for you to try out as party themes this festive season

  • Day Party- Evening parties are passé, with festive season in full swing, late nights are bound to cause haggard looks, dark circles, and tired faces . So how about a brunch party? Go for fresh fruit salads, good wines or mocktails, grilled veggies, or choice of cheeses and take the party outdoors. The slight nip in the air is further going to amp up the coolness quotient of this cool brunch party that can start anywhere around forenoon and can go on till early evening, followed by some pub hopping J
  • Incredible India Party Theme- Living in a cosmopolitan city, how about showcasing culture from your roots? Throw a party with an invite asking guests to come dressed up in their own unique regional attire. Dainty Asamese Sarees and caps, big red Bindis from Bengal, Cute Bandhanis from Gujarat, whatever works, and serve food from at least 3-4 regions . Music could be regional music too, and guests can participate in organising it all for you. Such inclusive parties are sure to become a hit amongst your loved ones
  • Casino Theme– Dress up in red and black, set up a table for a roulette , Some card games, some martinis and trendy hors’-doeuvres should do the trick. A James Bond Photo Booth is easy to create with a Tuxedo clad life size board and all the ladies posing as bond girls with their beaus. Don’t forget to keep some party favors for winners.
  • Sports party Theme- You almost always have a gang of boys who rave about a sport. How about throwing them a party – they are allowed(yes, allowed) to watch sports of their choice on a wide screen TV with Speakers blaring on, some real grunge man food like burgers ,fries and Pizzas. For Video game junkies, arrange XBOX or PlayStation to fool around with. What do the girls do? You ask? Well, in that same time, indulge your female guests in some impromptu spa party by calling in some beauticians who can give them a good pedicure or a massage. Pamper them with aromatic herbal drinks and healthy tid bits to nibble on.Both the factions are happy, and raving about your thoughtfulness by the time they go home.
  • Classic Movies Party theme- You can all pick up one movie- My personal favourite is Sholay and Andaz Apna Apna. Pick characters like Gabbar Singh, Sambha, Crime Master Gogo and Teja, and enact some memorable scenes in your own way at the party. Dress up like your characters, put a small make shift stage, may be write your own script and send it across with invites and also do some dance numbers from the movies.You will actually have so much laughter and fun reverberating through your home you will be glowing in the aftermath for a long long time. Make sure to have lots of pictures of everyone for lasting memories.

So go out, have fun and spread some cheers.




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