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8 Worst Interview Mistakes Women Make

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8 Worst Interview Mistakes Women Make

Did you know that almost 60% of women are likely to play down on their achievements at an interview? Also, that most women would accept upto 30% lesser compensation package than their male counterparts?

Are you one of these women who don’t know what is right at an interview?

QWEEN brings to you 8 common mistakes that you can avoid to excel at any interview

Tweet: Are you one of these women who don’t know what is right at an interview?  QWEEN brings to you 8 common mistakes that you can avoid to excel

  1. Dressing Inappropriately

    Appearance sends a message about your professionalism and personality, so dress appropriately. With such a wide array of clothing to choose from, it’s easier for women to make a fashion faux pas when it comes to dressing for an interview. Keep colors muted, if wearing suits, opt for for navy blue, dark gray and black, and tone down jewelry and makeup. If formality is a concern, always dress one level above the position you’re applying for.Consider the company work culture, ask the person who set up interview if you are in doubt.

  2. Being too talkative

    Women tend to talk too much in interviews, which can dilute the message they are trying to convey. According to HR experts, the interviewer should be allowed to speak for at least 60% of the time during the interview. The candidate should keep responses less than one minute long to have active engagement from the interviewer. Your body language should be to maintain eye contact and lean slightly forward.

  3. Appearing too rigid

    Be likable, because likability more often than not excels over experience. A lot of women are good at connecting with others but make the mistake of turning off that ability when they go into an interview. Be yourself and let your personality, energy and optimism shine through. It will let your potential new boss know that you’re passionate about the position, a trait you’d bring to the job.

  4. Negotiating poorly

    One of the biggest interview mistakes made by women is accepting a job offer without negotiating for a better deal. Women tend to have a depressed perception of the market and often set salary targets too low–sometimes as much as 30% lower than men. Find out what the market pays in your industry and location, and ask for more than your true salary goal. If the initial offer is too low, ask for time to consider it and then come back with a counter-offer. Never assume that a “no” answer is set in stone.

  5. Playing poker- Bluffing!

    If an interviewer asks you questions on an unfamiliar topic, respond with remarks such as “that’s a really good question, but I’ll need to do a little bit of research first before I can respond,” or “I haven’t encountered that in my career, but I would make sure to seek guidance from my boss.”Unless you’re applying for a job as a professional poker player, bluffing your way through an interview is a definite no-no.

  6. Poor Self- Marketing

    Unlike men who can make the mistake of being too arrogant or pushy, women tend to be too modest about their accomplishments. The interview is the time to project confidence and pride in your work, not reticence. You are your brand. Promote your contributions to past projects, give specific examples of how your skills contributed to your former company’s success and discuss how your unique talents are well-suited for the position you’re seeking

  7. Avoiding responsibilities

    Women frequently make the blunder of testifying against themselves. They might respond to a management question by saying, “To be honest, I haven’t actually been in charge of an entire division, but …” Prefacing an answer with a disclaimer cancels out whatever positive information may follow. Always concentrate on your strengths, and never uncover insecurities unless specifically prompted for weaknesses by the interviewer.

  8. Worrying Too Much

    Women are more likely to worry themselves out of a job. The anxiety shows in the interview and projects a lack of confidence. What may be temporary stress will come off as a nervous personality. Walk into an interview armed with the idea that they will love you. That kind of positive energy will have a huge impact on the way the meeting goes. If you think you’re the right person for the job, the interviewer will be apt to believe it.

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