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The 10 demons to win over this Dussera from Qween

The 10 demons to win over this Dussera from Qween

Dussera or Dusshera is largely celebrated as the victory of good over evil, where good is symbolized by Lord Ram, and evil is depicted by Ravan. But really, do you have to look outwards for what is good and what is evil these days? All of us have one or the other inner demon to conquer. This Dussera, take a vow to kill these inner demons that are poisoning your life for long.

Jealousy/Comparison- Keep your life simple by not allowing the green eyed monster called envy in. Whatever you have, is of your own doing. That doesn’t mean you be complacent and leave everything to fate. Celebrate others achievements, be happy in their happiness and open your heart instead of indulging in childish comparisons.

Anger- Win over this red eyed monster by indulging in some me time every day. Love yourself so much that you do not feel neglected. Once you love yourself, you will be able to love everything and everyone that is a part of your life.

Pessimism- Feel free to be practical, but not negative. “This is not happening” “this is impossible” “This won’t work” – such sentences have no space in your life. Try it, and try it again to succeed. Failure is just a step ahead and a learning lesson, so embrace failures, and move ahead.

Untruthfulness/deceit- Be fair and truthful to others and to yourself. Do not lie unless the lie is absolutely life saving for someone. Truthfulness as a virtue will make sure that you are perceived as trustworthy and will help you in making lasting relationships in your business and life.

Gossip- The most favored pastime in the world. While general banter and chit-chat is ok once in a while, bad-mouthing is a very common outcome of free for all gossip. Remember, what goes around always comes around. So never indulge in frivolous talks that might harm someone’s image or affect their lives.

Self-centeredness- Yes, you should be the centre of your world. But it does not mean you should climb up the ladder by trampling others. Be mindful of needs and aspirations of others. That coveted promotion or a pat on the back by your boss will be even sweeter if your team also feels you truly deserved it. Create long lasting bonds by caring for others as much as you care for yourself.

Pride/ Ego- Being self respecting is a virtue, but being condescending towards others is not. Keep your ego in check. It takes just one failure to make people turn their backs from you. So make sure

Avarice/greed- Greed and hunger for materialistic possessions make you ruthless and uncaring towards other. Keep your desires in check, your relationships with others are determined by that.

Over possessiveness- Do not be too hung up on people, things, your job, your prestige, and your relationships. You want to enjoy true freedom, stop trying to control everything and everyone around you. Things take their own turn, and most people have the right to lead their lives, their way. Live and let live.

Lack of passion to gain more knowledge– Ignorance is your worst enemy. Keep your mind, body and soul enriched by constantly seeking new avenues. Keep the fire burning for more knowledge? Attend workshops, meet new people, make new relationships, and keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

You are as wise as you allow yourself to be, so be a real queen and join QWEEN




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