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Get -set -go!!! Start your tomorrow's workout, today!

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Get -set -go!!! Start your tomorrow

In every group meeting, you can find women discussing about health, nutrition, workouts and fitness over meals. While eating a samosa and drinking latte coffee laden with two pouches of sugar, (brown , of course) people lament and indulge in self pity how they are unable to find time and energy to start the workout to get back in shape.

Everyone points to their “problem areas” –pinching flabby arms, thighs, tummies and saying “this should go”.In comes a sudden crisis. You are diagnosed with borderline diabetic tendencies, or your cholesterol levels are dangerously high, or there is a wedding in the family and you have to look “slim”. Suddenly, your attitude changes, you find time to workout, cut down on foods that are unhealthy, chalk out a diet plan, buy those new expensive shoes, maybe a few color coordinated dresses and hit the gym with a vengeance.

Somewhere down the line, you lose interest, your energy is tapered, you are unable to cope with the pain that comes with sudden jolt of activity, and before you could even start seeing results, you settle back to old routine, making fitness a discussion happening in a coffee shop over samosas (baked, not fried, this time) and sweetened iced green tea.

Wait- is that you I just described? What’s missing in this whole picture?Are you ready for the hard hitting truth? It’s your determination, your persistence and perseverance that is missing in this picture.


Fitness is a journey, not a destination; the goal should not be weight loss, fat loss, but the general feeling of being healthy, fit, energetic and optimistic throughout the day.



Do you really think it can come in a day, a week, a month- after years and years of slouching in front of TV, eating large serving of popcorns while watching movies, and just talking about diets and workouts?

The answer is a big NO!!!

So how do you go about it? I give you 8 simple steps to stop feeling fat and start feeling fit-

  1. Today is the day, as you read this, get up, do 5 sets of 5 sits ups, 5 pushups, 5 lunges, 5 jumping jacks. Give your body the much needed rush of blood and adrenaline. Start slow, but be firm and steady. The results will follow. Once your body get used to a particular workout, shake it up with a new routine every few days
  2. Before you reach for that doughnut or sugar pouch, think- your stomach is a full fledged organ, not a trash can! Eat a plateful of cucumbers instead. The fiber will help your tummy in cleansing itself
  3. Get a calendar, your workout calendar, decide on day which will be your rest day, reward yourself after you have 6 tick marks in a row showing 6 days of workout. Go for a foot massage, a full body massage, buy new set of shoes.
  4. Take care of your diet- simple tip- You have to eat ½ kilo of fruits and vegetables minimum every day. Create pouches of the same over weekend. One cucumber, one tomato, one carrot, one apple, one banana or any seasonal fruit, that makes it about 500 gms. Create 6 pouches for the week. Create salads, smoothies, mix and match, and eat it up.
  5. How about a selfie a day post workout? Make a collage, check out and feel happy about your progress. Take measurements and revel in the heady feeling of losing inches and looking lean.
  6. Make a support group – there are many like you in your circle who are looking for fitness partners, workout together, do healthy potlucks, take turns in managing workout plans. Enjoy the benefits of friendships on mind as well as body
  7. Just as you eat, go to work, finish your daily chores, workout is also part of your daily routine. You have to move to keep your body in top shape. Inculcate your fitness as a part of your daily routine, not something seasonal.
  8. Respect your body- There are no problem areas. Your body is a wonderful machine that has been suffering years of abuse and still is the most reliable machine ever built. Give it the love and care it deserves, keep it moving to keep it going, it’s that simple.

Finished reading? How about 20 jumping jacks right now for awakening the Qween within you ?  smiley




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