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Be a Makeover Artist: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Be a Makeover Artist: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Any woman can vouch for the impact going for a makeover  and donning a good makeup has. Everyone wants to look sleek, smart and well turned out. Very few, though, actually know their blush from their compacts. For such women, makeover artists play an important role.Can you be a makeover artist too? Check out these myths and discover for yourself-

Myth#1 -I do an excellent job when it comes to my makeup, and most friends and family swear by my style. Surely, I am an expert and can take it up professionally-

Makeup is neither about just 4 or 5 components like lipstick and mascara nor is it only about getting ready for functions or weddings. According to Prerna Mittal Patel, a home based makeover artist with a venture called “ Making Faces” – “It is about looking good every single day.” So more and more women are getting help from makeover artists like her for their interviews, meetings, important corporate events, as well as weddings and theme parties.

A makeover artist actually helps present the entire package for you. Right from coordinating clothes, makeup, hair, accessories, they will help in all aspects of your turnout to suit the occasion, lighting and event.

A good makeover artist can work from home and at the same time outsource her services to others. Makeover and makeup artists are in huge demand at fashion and runway events.  They are also in demand during award functions and elite Indian weddings and social gatherings where organisers call for their services due to heavy demand from guests and attendees.

Makeover artists scale up their work profile by taking workshops or one-to-one classes for makeup. These classes are generally conducted at home, and work as a good earning option for trained and experienced makeover artist.

Myth #2 Makeover artist is just another fancy name for a beautician- How is a makeover artist different from a beautician?

Doing make up for somebody else is totally a different ball game than doing make up on yourself. You have to take care of skin tone, texture of hair, dress up style, and even posture to make sure overall effect is good.  Says Samantha Kocchar – “Most make-up artists need to understand that every bride is an individual and should be treated in that manner.” And this is where the celebrity stylist brings in the difference. “Rather than going crazy with make-up, it is advisable to work on various features and highlight them. Someone has beautiful eyes, lips or skin, and for the D-day the artist should highlight the features.”* Makeover is holistic, while makeup is just to cover up blemishes”

Myth # 3 You don’t need any training to be a makeover artist

To be a successful makeover artist, the foremost prerequisite is a formal training from a reputed institute. Many renowned makeover specialists have their own institutes, and there are some formal institutes like the Pearl Academy of Fashion which conduct regular courses .The training should help a person develop a sense of hairstyle, skin textures, facial features, and of course make up products. A makeover artist should have great fashion sense and her fingers on the pulse of the industry. She should keep herself updated with the latest trends and should be able to highlight the best features of her client and help her shine through, irrespective of the occasion.

Myth #4 A Makeover specialist does not require any work experience-

To become successful and respected in this field, you must look out for opportunities to showcase your skills and knowledge. Internships with renowned makeover artists, assisting makeovers during photo shoots, liaisoning with model management companies for work are just some of the avenues you can explore to create a name and a body of work for yourself.

Like any other profession, to be a successful home based makeover specialist requires dedication and hard work initially. Proper authentic training from an expert and your hard work in making others look and feel beautiful and confident will surely translate into success.






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