To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help
them cooperate & collaborate

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NATURE'S ???? LOVE is a small home based venture, which have taken up as an initiative to further benefit n support the noble cause which is being done by my Doctor..Dr.Kalpana.C.Mehta (Practising Homeopath since 30yrs). She supports the farmers of the Himalayas in getting their due wages by buying these nuts and honey from them, for her family and close friends.These farmers are known to her, they pluck these nuts, clean them and send them to her.They also send her Pure Honey which they remove from the Beehives themselves. Our selective nuts like Almonds,Bitter Apricot Kernels for Cancer,Chironji (Chaaroli), Pine Nuts (Chilgoza), Pistas, Sundried Figs (Anjir), Walnuts have their natural healing significance for various ailments.Pure Honey also heals wounds and is excellent for maintaining good health.Our home made naturals made from these nuts like Bitter Apricot Hair Oil is excellent for all hair problems, Rosemary Almond Oil is good for body ache,joint pain & Paralysis, Almond Saffron Anti Ageing Night Cream, which is also good for dry skin and our Deodar Lip Balm helps in preventing side effects of Lip Sticks & it is also good for dry & cracked lips. Seek your support in sharing this info with your family friends and other contacts. Thank You, Sajeda (Saj).Merchant +919820399785 


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To be the most preferred networking platform for women to help them cooperate, collaborate & grow together.